Using Museums to Popularise Science and Technology

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Using Museums to Popularise Science and Technology

Publication date: 1 January 2001
Size: 240mm x 165mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-668-2
Pages: 160

Museums of all sorts and science centres offer excellent opportunities in popularising science and technology to achieve scientific and technological literacy. Science and technology educators and teachers will particularly find this book useful in determining how they could use those facilities effectively in making teaching science and technology enjoyable and contextual. The museum curators and science centres on the other hand will be able to use the book to assist teachers in their efforts to bring relevance and fun in the learning of these subjects.

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Preface by Professor Stephen Matlin
Foreword by Saroj Ghose
Introduction by the Editors

Section 1. Interesting Initiatives – Stories of Success

The Malaysian National Science Centre and its Science Stories as a Visitors’ Companion Programme by Sharifah Barlian Aidid
The Learning Experience in The Nature Exchange by Chantal Barriault
Art and Science? ... NGA! By Susie Bioletti and Philippa Winn
Making Heritage Relevant by Paul F Donahue and Claude Faubert
Wild Ways of Learning: Zoo Education in New South Wales by Karen Fifield
Cultivating Green Awareness Specialist Tracks and Programmes for Young Children at the Australian National Botanic Gardens by Julie Foster
Broadening Science Perspectives by Janelle Hatherly
Caribbean Outreach – A Special Project by Althea Maund
Living with the River: The Rideau River Biodiversity Project by Monty Reid
Science on the Move – Exhibit Design Workshops by Allen Rooney
Exhibitry: Contributions to Entertainment and Learning by Geoff Snowden

Section 2. Making the Most of a Visit

Visiting a Science Centre or Museum? Make it a REAL Educational Experience by Léonie J Rennie and Terry P McClafferty
The Unique Role of Science Centres in Immersing Students and Teachers in Real-World Science and Technology by Judith Arrowood and Hooley McLaughlin
Responding to Teacher Needs: “Fossils”, a Hands-on Education in New Zealand by Neville Gardner
Investing in Education for Better Public Programmes by Brett Dunlop
How Can Science Centre and Museum Education Programmes be Improved? Teachers’ Response to Pre-visit and Visit Questionnaires by Robin Garnett
The Science Centre as Living Laboratory by Paul McCrory and Melanie Quinn

Section 3. Using Multimedia in Museums and Science Centres

Ingenious! Edutainment via Interactive Multimedia by Ian Allen and Brenton Honeyman
Real vs Virtual Visits: Issues for Science Centres by Brenton Honeyman
Computer-based Exhibits: A Must-Have or a Liability? By Simon Yates and Sharyn Errington

Section 4. A Snapshot of Science Centre Research

What do Primary Students Gain From Discussion About Exhibits by John K Gilbert and Mary Priest
A Wider Perspective on Museum Learning: Principles for Developing Effective Post-Visit Activities for Enhancing Students’ Learning by David Anderson and Keith B Lucas
Evaluating the Design of Interactive Exhibits by Susan M Stocklmayer and John K Gilbert

Appendix. Science Centres and Science Museums in the Commonwealth