Trading Stories

Experiences with Gender and Trade

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Trading Stories
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Publication date: 1 March 2010
Size: 240mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-873-0
Pages: 282

Through twenty regional and country case studies, Trading Stories pulls together the key links between trade, gender and economic development. Ten case studies focus on the gender impacts of trade policies, detailing differential consequences on men and women; and ten focus on linking women with global markets – including FairTrade, organic, niche and mainstream markets – through a range of best practices involving government, NGOs, people’s organisations and associations, private sector and international agencies.

The book draws on three recent Commonwealth Secretariat publications on gender and trade: Gender Mainstreaming in the Multilateral Trading System; Chains of Fortune: Linking Women Producers and Workers with Global Markets; and Gender and Trade Action Guide and is a useful addition to the growing body of evidence that will help governments to effectively mainstream gender in their trade policy.

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Introduction by
Marilyn Carr

Part One. The Impact of Trade on Women

1. Introduction to Part One by Mariama Williams

Import Liberalisation

2. A Bitter Pill to Swallow: The Effects of Tariff Reductions on Sugar in Kenya by Yves Conze with Mariama Williams
3. Profits Fly the Coop: Gender Impacts of Trade Liberalisation on the Jamaican Poultry Industry by Carol Narcisse

Preference Gain and Loss

4. Can it be Mended? Kenya and the MFA Phase-out by Paul Kamau
5. Knitting it Together: India and the MFA Phase-out by Pramod Dev
6. A Stitch in Time? AGOA and Lesotho’s Clothing Sector by Mariama Williams and Marilyn Carr
7. Slipping on a Peel: The Effects of Changing Trade Regimes on the St Lucia Banana Industry by Carol Narcisse

Service Liberalisation

8. Moving Forwards, Falling Backwards: GATS and the Migration of Skilled Professionals from the Caribbean by Carol Narcisse
9. Digitalising It: Women and Trade in ICT in Developing Countries by Mariama Williams and Carol Narcisse

Non-Tariff Trade Barriers

10. Packaged to Perfection: The SPS Agreement and Aquaculture in Bangladesh by Marilyn Carr and Sanae Ito
11. Sitting on the Docks: The SPS Agreement and the Fish Industry in Uganda by May Sengendo
12. Lessons Learned from Part One by Mariama Williams

Part Two. Linking Women With Export Markets

13. Introduction to Part Two by Marilyn Carr

Traditional Primary Products

14. Raising the Bar on Chocolate: Cocoa Farmers in Ghana Shape the Future by Pauline Tiffen
15. Cultivating Organic Coffee: Challenges for Small Farmers in Jamaica by Dorienne Rowan-Campbell
16. Corporate Responsibility and the Cashew Nut Industry: Examples from India and Mozambique by adapted by Nazneen Kanji and Marilyn Carr

New Export Markets

17. Swazi Secrets: Indigenous Products in the Global Marketplace by Nontokozo Nemarundwe, Maideyi Kutambura, Lucy Welford and Itai Chibaya
18. A Beautiful Business: The Case of Pure Fiji by Marilyn Carr compiled from material supplied by Pure Fiji
19. Trade is Blooming: The Case of Ramesh Flowers in India by Amit Lodha
20. Making Money from Honey: Linking Rural Ugandan Women with Export Markets by Rachel Nadelman, Sarah Silliman and Marilyn Carr

Manufactured Exports

21. Toehold in India: Women Artisans Exporting Leather Sandals by Madhura Chatrapathy
22. Stitching Local to Global: SEWA’s Trade Facilitation Centre by Reema Nanavaty and Mona Dave
23. Communications and Commerce: The Role of ICT in Linking Women Entrepreneurs with Global Markets by Nidhi Tandon and Giséle Yitamben
24. Lessons Learned from Part Two by Marilyn Carr

About the contributors

About the contributors Expand or collapse me

Marilyn Carr (Editor)

Marilyn Carr is a development economist with over thirty years experience working in Africa and Asia. She was Senior Economist for the Intermediate Technology Development Group (now Practical Action); Chief, Economic Empowerment, UNIFEM; and founding member and Director, Global Markets, WIEGO.

Mariama Williams (Editor)

Mariama Williams is an international economics consultant and an Adjunct Associate at the Centre of Concern, Washington, DC. She is also the Research Adviser for the International Gender and Trade Network.