Tools for Mainstreaming Sustainable Development in Small States

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Tools for Mainstreaming Sustainable Development in Small States

Publication date: 16 June 2011
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ISBN: 978-1-84929-052-4
Pages: 288

Tools for Mainstreaming Sustainable Development in Small States provides a thorough grounding in bringing sustainable development to the forefront of policy-making.

By taking a cross-departmental approach to national planning, more human and financial resources would be available for policy implementation. This is of particular relevance to small states, as they have limited access to resources and are by nature inherently vulnerable.

The book is divided into four parts. Part one explores how small states can move from the Mauritius Strategy of Implementation (MSI) to devising practical national strategies; part two addresses the need for legislative change; part three tackles the social and environmental aspects of progress with MSI; and finally, part four examines methods for monitoring progress.

Contributors to the chapters range from international academics to economists, providing both a theoretical and practical approach. Through case study examples from small states, this book offers invaluable insights into the complexities of implementing sustainable development.

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1. Introduction by Constance Vigilance and John L Roberts

Part 1 Devising the strategy
2. Creating a national sustainable development strategy in Papua New Guinea by Albert Nita
3. Claiming a voice in sustainable development: Participation and bottom-up approaches by Tighe Geoghegan
4. A practical integrated framework for mainstreaming by Padma Lal
5. Regional approaches in sustainable development by Margaret Harris and Wonderful Hope Khonje

Part 2 Laws, finance and economics
6. National laws as an instrument for the implementation of treaty obligations by Mark D Griffith and Derrick Oderson
7. Financing sustainable development in small island developing states by Michael Witter
8. Applying resource economics to integrate sustainable development principles in SIDS by Mark Bynoe
9. Mainstreaming of sustainable development in national and sectoral budgets by Mark Bynoe

Part 3 Social and environmental perspectives
10. Youth perspectives on sustainable development for SIDS by Fathimath Ghina, Lindsey Higgs and Michael Tran
11. Towards social development in SIDS by Cletus I Springer
12. A review of environmental impact assessment and sustainable development in small island states by Rolph Antoine Payet

Part 4 Monitoring progress
13. Indicators of sustainable development and SIDS by Lino Briguglio
14. The MDGs and SIDS: Issues of performance and use by John L Roberts
15. The sustainable small state by Albert Binger

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