Teaching and Learning of English in Secondary Schools

A Zambian Case Study in Improving Quality

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Teaching and Learning of English in Secondary Schools
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Contributors: Casmir Chanda
Series Title: Commonwealth Case Studies in Education
Publication date: 1 October 2008
Size: 210mm x 148mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-884-6
Pages: 144

By exploring the ways that teachers and pupils can help to improve classroom practices this book shows how education planners and practitioners can effect improvements in schools even in situations of very scarce resources.

Although the book focuses on Zambia, the experiences presented here will be of relevance to head teachers, school inspectors, teacher trainers and education ministry officials in all developing countries who are working to improve English language teaching and learning.

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List of Figures
Preface and Acknowledgements
List of Abbreviations

1. Introduction
Schooling in Zambia
Historical Perspective of Education in Zambia
English Teaching
Secondary Schooling
Perspectives of Teachers and Pupils

2. Educational Crisis in Zambia
The Zambian Economy and Resourcing of Education
Quality of Inputs to Education
Quality of Educational Outcomes
Educational Research in Zambia
Integration Programme in Secondary Schools
Secondary Schooling in Zambia
Educational Crisis: Conclusion

3. Developing Good Practice in Teaching English
Understanding within School Processes
Perspectives of Teachers and Pupils
English Language in Zambia
Strategies of English Teaching and Learning
Teacher Cognition in Language Learning
Developing Good Practice: Conclusion

4. Pupils’ and Teachers’ Perspectives
Understanding Constraints and Poor Achievements
Some Suggestions Towards Improvement
School Management and Leadership of Teachers
Mobilisation of Students as Educational Workers
Conclusion and Further Research

References and Bibliography

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Casmir Chanda (Author)

Casmir Chanda is an education consultant currently working at the Commonwealth Foundation. She has been a manager of schools, headteacher and teacher in Zambia and the UK.
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‘Chanda makes a convincing argument for improving the teaching and learning of English in secondary schools where English is both the medium of instruction and a gateway subject for university entrance.’

The Modern Language Journal, Vol. 94 Issue 2, Summer 2010