Tanzania General Elections, 31 October 2010

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Tanzania General Elections, 31 October 2010

Series Title: Commonwealth Election Reports
Publication date: 15 January 2011
Size: 297mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-049-4
Pages: 46

The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Tanzania General Elections. The Group was led by The Rt Hon Paul East QC, a former Attorney General of New Zealand, and comprised fifteen eminent persons in total.

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Letter of Transmittal

1. Introduction
Terms of Reference

2. Political Background
Post-Independence Politics
Formation of the United Republic of Tanzania
Restoration of Multi-Party Politics
The 1995 Elections
Commonwealth Initiative
The 2000 Elections
The Muafaka II
Pemba By-Elections, Zanzibar 2003
2005 Elections
Other Political Developments
Zanzibar Maridhiano

3. The Electoral Framework and Election Administration
International Commitments and Legal Framework for the Elections
National Electoral Commission and Zanzibar Electoral Commission
Voter Eligibility and Voter Registration
Candidate Eligibility and Nomination
Complaints and Appeals
Key Issues
1. Appointment of the National Electoral Commission
2. Voter Registration
3. Election Expenses Act and Code of Conduct
4. Provision of Election Disputes Adjudication
5. Independent Candidates
6. Deadline for Announcing Results
7. Delineation of Constituencies on Zanzibar
8. Role of the Registrar of Political Parties

4. Election Campaign and Media
Pre-election Campaign Environment
Main Campaign Issues
The Candidates and Political Parties
Election Campaign
The Electoral Code of Conduct Committee
Campaign Financing
Media Coverage
Media Freedom

5. Voting, Counting and Results
Opening and Voting
Assessment of Opening and Voting
Counting and Results Aggregation
Assessment of Counting and Results Aggregation
Overview of the Countrywide Observation
Presidential Election Results

6. Conclusions and Recommendations
A. Electoral Framework and Election Administration
B. Election Campaign and Media
C. Voting, Counting and Tabulation

Annex 1. Composition of the Team
Annex 2. COG Deployment Plan
Annex 3. Arrival Statement
Annex 4. Interim Statement