Swaziland National Elections, 20 September 2013

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Swaziland National Elections, 20 September 2013

Series Title: Commonwealth Election Reports
Publication date: 22 January 2014
Size: 297mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-111-8
Pages: 36

The report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission for the Swaziland National Elections, held 20 September 2013. The Mission was led by Dr Bakili Muluzi, former President of the Republic of Malawi, and was comprised of 5 eminent persons.

The Commonwealth Observer Mission found that the elections were generally well organised, but fell short of meeting Swaziland’s key international obligations for democratic elections. The Report makes a number of recommendations for the government, Elections and Boundaries Commission and other stakeholders to consider with a view to improving future electoral processes.

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Letter of Transmittal

1. Introduction
Invitation and composition of the Observer Mission
Terms of reference
Activities of the Observer Mission

2. The Constitutional and Legal Framework

3. The Political Environment
Political groups
Civil society organisations
Trade unions
Tensions between Cabinet and the House of Assembly
Women and youth

4. Preparations for the Elections
Administration of the elections
Structure of the election administration
Functions of the Elections and Boundaries Commission
Boundary delimitation
Election timetable
Voter registration
The right to vote
Voter registration procedures
The nomination process
Civic and voter education
Training and capacity building
Lost voter ID cards
Transparency and accountability
Domestic and international observers
The campaign
Recruitment of polling staff
Election offences

5. Voting, Counting and Results Process
Pre-polling arrangements
Arrangements for polling day
Evaluation of polling day
Opening and closing of polls
Special voting
Efficiency of polling officials
Domestic and international observers
Role of candidates’ agents
Secrecy of the ballot
Transportation of ballots
Other recommendations

6. Conclusions and Recommendations
The constitutional and legal framework
The political environment
Preparations for the elections
Voting, counting and results process

Annex 1. Invitations by the Government and the EBC
Annex 2. Biographies of the team
Annex 3. Commonwealth News Release
Annex 4. List of Meetings Held
Annex 5. Deployment Plan