The State of the Digital Economy in the Commonwealth

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The State of the Digital Economy in the Commonwealth

Publication date: 24 February 2020
ISBN: 978-1-84929-190-3
Pages: 169

The Fourth Industrial Revolution presents significant opportunities and challenges for the Commonwealth. It has the potential to provide a significant source of new growth for all Commonwealth economies. However, because Commonwealth countries are at different stages in their economic, social and technological development, it will require innovative approaches to both policy and policy-making to narrow the digital divide, overcome the challenges and take advantage of this new age.

This first volume in the Commonwealth Connectivity Series explores some of the issues facing policy-makers in the Commonwealth. It provides policy recommendations that Commonwealth members can use to address the challenges and realise the benefits of the digital age.

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1. Digital Transformation in the Commonwealth: State of Play
1.1 Overview of trade trends in the Commonwealth
1.2 Digital progress and changing trade in the Commonwealth
1.3 Conclusion

2. Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges
2.1 Digitisation of value chains: New Opportunities
2.2 Digital value chains: New Challenges
2.3 Regulatory framework for transformation

3. Digital Skills and the Future of Work
3.1 Changing landscape of labour markets
3.2 Sectoral changes in employment in the Commonwealth
3.3 Future skill needs in the Commonwealth
3.4 Closing the digital skills gap

4. Unlocking Investment for Digital Infrastructure and Smart Cities
4.1 Overview of digital infrastructure
4.2 Where and how to improve digital infrastructure in the Commonwealth
4.3 Digitalisation and smart cities
4.4 Regulatory and governance framework

5. Building Trust to Promote Regulatory Co-operation and Coherence
5.1 Regulatory practices and digital trust
5.2 Updating taxation policies in the digital age
5.3 Fostering competition in the age of digital platforms
5.4 Intellectual Property Rights in the age of digital platforms

6. Building Inclusive and Sustainable Digital Economies
6.1 Impact of digitalisation on inclusive development in the Commonwealth
6.2 Sustainable development in the digital age

7. Developing Digital Economies – Policy Recommendations
7.1 Facilitating best practices on internet and broadband digital infrastructure
7.2 Promoting e-commerce and investments in a data-driven economy
7.3 Exploring the use of smart agriculture and fisheries technologies
7.4 Sharing experience on e-governance and smart cities within the Commonwealth
7.5 Promoting an enabling policy and regulatory regime
7.6 Promoting digital skills development within the Commonwealth
7.7 Deepening co-operation for inclusive and sustainable development