South African National and Provincial Elections, 7 May 2014

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South African National and Provincial Elections, 7 May 2014

Series Title: Commonwealth Election Reports
Publication date: 15 July 2014
Size: 297mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-130-9
Pages: 28

The report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission for South Africa’s national and provincial elections held on 7 May 2014. The mission was chaired by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the former foreign minister and attorney-general of Ghana, and was comprised of 3 members in total.

These were significant elections as they were the first elections in which ‘born frees’ (those born in or after 1994) could vote and the first to be held since the passing of Nelson Mandela. The Commonwealth Observer Mission found that the elections were credible and the exemplary conduct of all political parties in accepting the outcome of the results bares testimony to the maturity of democracy in South Africa.

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1. Introduction

2. Political Environment
The campaign environment
Other issues
Status of the IEC chairperson
Emergence of new political parties
Agang SA
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)

3. Electoral Framework and Electoral Administration
Electoral system
The Independent Electoral Commission
Results auditors

4. Election Day
Opening of voting stations
Voting procedure
Polling staff
Transfers: section 24A of Electoral Act
Party colours on election day
The close and the count
Results process

5. Conclusions and Recommendations

Annex 1 List of Organisations Met or Consulted by the Observer Mission
Annex 2 List of Political Parties that Contested the 2014 Elections
Annex 3 National and Provincial Election Timetable