Solar Dryers

Their Role in Post-Harvest Processing

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Solar Dryers

Publication date: 1 January 1987
Size: 210mm x 148mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-282-0
Pages: 298

This publication is an introduction to the basic theories of solar drying and outlines the principal operating features of the main solar dryer designs, including a detailed description of the three most common dryer types. It provides guidelines on experimental methodology and the techno-economic evaluation, development, and extension of solar dryer technologies. Case studies are presented on drying theory, dryer design and economic analysis for selected end-uses.

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1. Introduction
2. Evaluation of Solar Drying Potential
3. Pre-drying Processing Operations
4. The Mechanisms of Drying
5. Solar Radiation
6. Solar Collections
7. Solar Dryer Classification
8. Direct Dryers Employing Natural Convection with Combined Collector and Drying Chamber
9. Direct Dryers Employing Natural Convection with Separate Collector and Drying Chamber
10. Indirect Dryers Employing Forced Convection with Separate Collector and Drying Chamber
11. Hybrid Dryers
12. Ancillary Equipment and Recent Developments
13. Quality Changes during Drying
14. Quality Assessment
15. Packaging and Storage of Dried Foodstuffs
16. Dryer Selection and Design
17. Experimental Methodology
18. From Theory into Practice
19. Economics
20. Extension of Solar Crop Drying Technology