Social Policies in Malta

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Social Policies in Malta

Contributors: Rose Marie Azzopardi
Series Title: Social Policies in Small States Series
Number within series: 3
Publication date: 31 March 2011
Size: 240mm x 165mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-024-1
Pages: 82


The country case studies and thematic papers in this series examine social policy issues facing small states and the implications for economic development. They show how, despite their inherent vulnerability, some small states have been successful in improving their social indicators because of the complementary social and economic policies they have implemented.


Malta is a high-income developed small state, with an impressive level of economic growth and a multitude of social services, which have helped to provide free health and education to all its citizens and benefits to low-income earners. However, various national and global factors are now threatening the sustainability of this extensive social security model. This paper examines the economic, political and social development of the island, particularly since independence, highlighting the successes and failures of the social development strategies adopted and suggesting how these lessons can inform future policy decisions.

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1. Introduction

2. The Political and Economic Environment Pre- and Post-Independence
2.1 The political background
2.2 The economic environment

3. The Social Environment
3.1 Health
3.2 Education
3.3 Income levels and poverty

4. Social Policies
4.1 Social expenditure
4.2 Social protection
4.3 Health
4.4 Education
4.5 Housing
4.6 Employment
4.7 Conclusions

5. Crisis-coping Strategies

6. Thematic Considerations in Malta’s Development Strategies

7. Policy Implications

8. Conclusion


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Rose Marie Azzopardi (Author)

Dr Rose Marie Azzopardi DP BA MA (University of Sussex) DPhil (University of Sussex) lectures on International Economics at the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy at the University of Malta.