Small states

The Commonwealth gives high priority to supporting the integration of small states in the global economy. Our books include ground-breaking research and policy advice on how small states can build their resilience and competitiveness, so they can take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges arising from globalisation. 

Publication date: 1 November 2010
Format: Paperback

This book provides a tool for assessing both how prone a country is to external economic shocks – its vulnerability – as well as its ability bounce back from those shocks – its resilience. For economic planners, as well as students of the economies of small states.

Contributor: Jane Jenson
Series title: Social Policies in Small States Series
Number within series: 1
Publication date: 25 October 2010
Format: Paperback

This paper examines the concept of social cohesion in policy debates and assesses its impact on social development. Part I examines the literature, identifying different types of usage. Part II presents a range of indicators that have been used to measure social cohesion. Part III provides discussion of the lessons to be drawn.

Series title: Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics
Publication date: 1 July 2010
Format: Paperback

This unique annual collection of key economic and statistical data on states with fewer than five million inhabitants is an essential reference for economists, planners and policy-makers working on issues of concern to small states. This volume contains 54 tables covering development indicators and 3 articles focusing on trade in services.

Series title: Commonwealth Economic Paper Series
Number within series: 90
Publication date: 1 June 2010
Format: Paperback

This is the first study to look at the trade effects on small states of the current global slowdown. Export industries in these countries have been affected at least as much as those of other developing countries. The authors suggest a number of policy responses for governments of small states which may help to address the issues that arise.

Series title: Commonwealth Economic Paper Series
Number within series: 89
Publication date: 1 April 2010
Format: Paperback

Documents the effects of the global financial crisis on investment and private sector development in small states. It uses case studies (St Lucia, Vanuatu and Mauritius) to draw lessons from policy responses and propose further support required at both the national and international level to support the private sector through the economic crisis.

Publication date: 1 February 2010
Format: Paperback

Highlights three areas where small states can maximise their potential influence: establishing an effective negotiating team by strengthening human resources; harnessing the support of civil society and the private sector; and, improving negotiation strategies.

Publication date: 1 December 2009
Format: Paperback

Examines the opportunities and multiple large-scale challenges small developing countries face in adapting key trade sectors to the impact climate change, addressing climate change measures, and furthering their own trade capacity and competitiveness in the global market.

Contributor: T N Srinivasan
Publication date: 1 July 2009
Format: Paperback

Why have the least developed countries failed to grow as fast as other economies during the recent period of globalisation? This title explores the broad links between growth in income, globalisation, and poverty reduction. It argues that domestic and international policies have failed to serve the interests of the poorest countries.

Publication date: 1 October 2008
Format: Paperback

Small states face serious challenges for development due to their size, remoteness and vulnerability. This work suggests how small states can reposition themselves in the global economy and move into knowledge-based and service industries. It provides an overview of factors constraining the development of services sector and trade in services.

Publication date: 1 September 2008
Format: Paperback

Explores the approaches to the challenge of human resources development in national development strategy formulation adopted by governments of smaller states across the world and considers the effectiveness of the particular strategies adopted. This book also explores the role of labour migration in this process.