Seychelles Presidential Election, 19–21 May 2011

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Seychelles Presidential Election, 19–21 May 2011

Series Title: Commonwealth Election Reports
Publication date: 30 September 2011
Size: 297mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-067-8
Pages: 40

The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Seychelles Presidential Election. The Group was led by Dr Julian R Hunte, the former Foreign Minister of St Lucia, and comprised five eminent persons in total.

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Terms of Reference
Activities of the Team

1. Political Background

2. Constitutional, Legal and Electoral Framework
The Legal Framework
Election Administration
Independent Electoral Commission
Campaign Finance Laws
Voter Eligibility
Voter Registration
Electoral Commissioner Reporting and Recommendations
Voter Inducement and Vote Procurement
Voter Education and Participation

3. The Campaign
Domestic Election Observation

4. Election Day
Polling Hours
Voting Method
Alternate Polling Procedures
Assisted Voters
Polling Stations
Polling Staff
Voter Turnout and Behaviour
Voter Inducement and Vote Procurement
Role of Candidate/Party Agents
Secrecy of the Ballot
Closure of the Poll & the Count
The Closing of the Polling Station
Announcement of Results

5. Conclusions and Recommendations


ANNEX 1: Biographies of CET Members
ANNEX 2: Preliminary Statement