Commonwealth Case Studies in Education

Teaching and Learning of English in Secondary Schools

Contibutors: Casmir Chanda
Publication date: 1 October 2008
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

By exploring the ways that teachers and pupils can help to improve classroom practices, this book shows how education planners and practitioners can effect improvements in schools even in situations of very scarce resources. It is suitable for those who are working to improve English language teaching and learning.

The Use of Information Technology

Contibutors: Christina Soh
Publication date: 1 January 2001
Format: Paperback

Rapid advances in Information Technology (IT) pose new opportunities as well as challenges for every society. In the education sector, IT has enormous potential to help countries address issues of access to learning, quality of the teaching-learning process and management of education systems.

Coping with HIV/AIDS in Education

Contibutors: Magdallen N. Juma
Publication date: 1 January 2001
Format: Paperback

The overall purpose of these selected case studies is to assess the impact of HIV/AIDS on education and the various mechanisms set up to address the challenge of the epidemic. It arises from the distinctive need to understand the complex social phenomena in the spread and response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.