Saving Small Island Developing States

Environmental and Natural Resource Challenges

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Saving Small Island Developing States

Publication date: 15 December 2010
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Small may be beautiful, but small island states have a big problem – the environmental consequences of climate change. Emanating from research at the University of Mauritius and with contributions from a wide range of experts, Saving Small Island Developing States introduces and explains the key environmental policy challenges and suggested responses to them.

The book is divided into five sections. Section one provides a theoretical analysis of the issues and concepts. Section two presents four previously published but highly influential papers, which have set the terms of much of the debate on these issues. Section three uses case studies to examine the policy instruments and approaches adopted by small states. Section four looks at environmental policies in action and examines the position of small island states in the world trade arena. The final part explores the global dimensions of environmental management.

Designed particularly to assist the new generation of environmental and natural resource managers in small island states, it will also assist current government policy-makers, as well as academics and students in the fields of public policy and environmental and natural resource management more widely.

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Introduction by Shyam Nath  

Theory and the applications  

1. Concepts and public policy issues in environmental and natural resource analysis by Shyam Nath
2. Valuation of non-market environmental goods and services by Yeti Nisha Madhoo
3. Environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental impact assessment by Yeti Nisha Madhoo
4. Environmental policy instruments and governance by Yeti Nisha Madhoo  

Seminal published papers

5. How economists see the environment by Don Fullerton and Robert Stavins
6. The obligations of a policy economist by Paul R Portney
7. Economic growth, carrying capacity, and the environment by Kenneth Arrow, Bert Bolin, Robert Costanza, Partha Dasgupta, Carl Folke, CS Holling, Bengt-Owe Jansson, Simon Levin, Karl-Goran Maler, Charles Perrings and David Pimentel
8. Sustainability: An economist’s perspective by Robert M. Solow   Case studies (valuation, policy instruments and projects)
9. Environmental valuation in small island economies by Alistair Munro
10. Tax instruments for environmental management in tourist destinations by Shyam Nath and Larry Schroeder
11. Road transport, motorisation and pollution by Anooj Ayrga
12. An illustration of the tragedy of the commons: The demise of the Aral Sea by Yeti Nisha Madhoo  

Policy in action

13. Climate change and SIDS by Alistair Munro
14. Disaster risk reduction: Practical adaptive options by John L Roberts
15. Coastal lagoon management in three pacific island situations: Is scientific knowledge used effectively? by R John Morrison and Ursula L Kaly
16. Environmental policy for water resources development: A case study of Trinidad by Michelle Mycoo
17. Sustainable energy from renewable biological resources: Sugarcane bagasse energy cogeneration in Mauritius by Kassiap Deepchand and Shyam Nath
18. Trade liberalisation and environmental considerations for the Caribbean by Department of Sustainable Development of the OAS
19. Intellectual property rights and anti-competitive behaviour: Major deterrents to economic progress for SIDS by Partha Gangopadhyay and Renu Gangopadhyay  

Global issues and environmental management

20. Making sense of the Millennium Development Goals by John L Roberts
21. Methods of analysis used in global and regional assessments and indices of performance in environmental governance by John L Roberts
22. Managing the sustainable development of small island states by John L Roberts

23. Epilogue: Conclusion and discussion of emerging issues and policy agenda by John L. Roberts  

Annex A – Scenarios for sustainable development: Development vs. disaster by John L Roberts
Annex B – From Rio to 2015: An overview of select milestones in regional and global policy formation on sustainable development and environmental management by John L Roberts
Annex C – Glossary of key concepts and key players by John L. Roberts  

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'an excellent contribution and economic analysis reference text for the challenges of island sustainability.'

Island Studies Journal, Vol. 7 No. 1, 149–150