Rwanda Presidential Elections, 9 August 2010

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Rwanda Presidential Elections, 9 August 2010

Series Title: Commonwealth Election Reports
Publication date: 1 November 2010
Size: 297mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-045-6
Pages: 42

The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Rwanda Presidential elections. The Group was led by H E Dr Salim Ahmed Salim, former Secretary-General of the Organisation of African Unity and also a former Prime Minister of Tanzania, and comprised thirteen eminent persons in total.

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Letter of Transmittal

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Political Background
Early History
Towards Independence
Independent Rwanda
Civil War
1994 Genocide
Post-Genocide Rwanda
Exodus of Hutus
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Paul Kagame’s Presidency
2008 Parliamentary Elections
Recent Political Developments
Political Parties

Chapter 3: The Electoral Framework and Election Administration
Legal Framework for the Elections
National Electoral Commission
Voter Eligibility and Voter Registration
Candidate Eligibility and Nomination
Complaints and Appeals
Key Issues
• Composition of the National Electoral Commission
• The New Presidential Election Law of June 2010
• Genocide Ideology Law
• Campaign Period

Chapter 4: Election Campaign and the Media
Pre-Election Campaign Environment
The Candidates
Other Political Parties
Election Campaign
The Media
Overview of the Media Landscape
The Media and the Campaign
Key Issues
• Suspension of Media Outlets
• Criminal Defamation
• Self-censorship
• Capacity of Journalists
• Registration of Journalists

Chapter 5: Voting, Counting and Tabulation
The Opening and Voting Process
Assessment of Opening and Voting
The Counting and Tabulation Process
Assessment of Counting and Tabulation
Overview of Province-by-Province Observation
The Election Result

Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations
Electoral Framework and Election Administration
Election Campaign and Media
Voting, Counting and Tabulation

Annex 1: Composition of the Group
Annex 2: Deployment Plan
Annex 3: Arrival Statement
Annex 4: Interim Statement