Rwanda Legislative Election (Chamber of Deputies), 16–18 September 2013

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Rwanda Legislative Election (Chamber of Deputies), 16–18 September 2013

Series Title: Commonwealth Election Reports
Publication date: 22 January 2014
Size: 297mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-110-1
Pages: 30

The report of the Commonwealth Expert Team for Rwanda’s Legislative Elections, held 16–18 September 2013. The Team was led by Mr Tiro Seeletso, Secretary to the Independent Electoral Commission of Botswana, and was comprised of 2 eminent persons.

The Commonwealth Expert Team found that overall, the elections were peaceful and provided for the key democratic electoral benchmarks such as freedom of association, expression, and universal suffrage. The Team further noted that the National Electoral Commission was well prepared and mobilised to conduct the elections.

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Letter of Transmittal

1. Introduction
Terms of reference

2. Political Background
Political parties

3. The Electoral Framework and Election Administration
Legal framework for the elections
Constitutional background
National Electoral Commission
Voter eligibility and voter registration
Candidate eligibility and nomination
Complaints and appeals
Key issues
Composition of the National Electoral Commission

4. Election Campaign and Media
Registration of political parties
Election campaign
Political Code of Conduct
Campaign finance
Media coverage
Media capacity

5. Voting, Counting and Results
Observations on polling day
Voting environment
Voting process
Results process
Participation of women
Participation of youth
Participation of disabled

6. Conclusions and Recommendations

Annex 1. Commonwealth News Release
Annex 2. Biographies of the Team
Annex 3. Deployment Plan