Roman Grynberg

Publication date: 1 March 2007
Format: Paperback

An essential reader and reference tool for trade experts and interested parties, bringing together key analysis on all aspects of trade negotiations between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states and the European Union. This publication is comprised of two volumes.

Series title: Economic Paper
Publication date: 1 January 2004
Format: Paperback

There are indisputable concerns over the ineffective participation of Least-Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Vulnerable Economies (SVEs) in the process of global integration, and their failure to derive benefits from the ongoing process of trade liberalisation and globalisation.

Series title: Commonwealth Economic Paper Series
Publication date: 1 January 2003
Format: Paperback

In the eyes of the world, the Cancun Trade Ministerial Meeting will act as a litmus test of the major industrial countries' commitment to inclusive globalisation, to meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to a stable and peaceful world.