Redefining Management Roles

Improving the Functional Relationship between Ministers and Permanent Secretaries

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Redefining Management Roles

Contributors: Sam Agere
Series Title: Managing the Public Service Strategies for Improvement Series
Number within series: 10
Publication date: 1 January 1999
Size: 240mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-614-9
Pages: 112

A critical element in the government of any modern democracy is the working relationship between politicians and civil servants. This publication highlights the problems facing ministers and permanent secretaries in the management and reform of the public service; redefines the role and responsibilities of ministers and permanent secretaries in implementing reform; identifies the policy and administrative boundaries of elected and appointed officials; and identifies the contributing factors to patterns of interaction between politicians and public servants. It also shares best practice in enhancing functional relationships through case studies of Britain, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Political and Administrative Interface: the Functional Relationship between Ministers and Permanent Secretaries
The British Experience
The Caribbean Experience
The Canadian Experience
South African – Ministers and Public Service: Protocol on Good Practice

A. Zambia Code of Conduct: Ministers
B. Zambia Code of Conduct: Civil Servants
C. Zambia Code of Conduct: Permanent Secretaries
D. Summary of Proceedings of Ministers and Permanent Secretaries Workshop
E. Ministers' Environment and Agenda Setting
F. Permanent Secretary Environment and Agenda Setting