Promoting IT Enabled Services

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Promoting IT Enabled Services

Contributors: Nikhil Treebhoohun
Series Title: Lessons from the Commonwealth
Number within series: 3
Publication date: 9 December 2011
Size: 240mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-054-8
Pages: 232

Trade in services enabled by information and communication technologies could be an engine of growth for many developing countries looking to diversify from commodities-based economies. For this trade policy to be successful governments must establish effective policies and develop the correct regulatory framework, infrastructure and human capital.

This handbook explains the key issues from the viewpoints of the regulator, the investor, the policy-maker and the donor. It provides detailed analysis of the Mauritian experience, which holds useful lessons for small states in particular. It will help policy-makers to learn directly from other countries' experience of developing IT enabled services and will assist private sector organisations to understand how governments frame their policies.

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Introduction by Nikhil Treebhoohun, Adviser and Head, Trade Section, Commonwealth Secretariat

Section 1. Issues and Trends in Services Trade

1. Overview of Trends and Performance in Services Trade by Gianni Zanini, Lead Economist, World Bank Institute
2. Addressing the Statistics Gap, Dr Sieh Mei Ling, Advisor on Services by Malaysian Industrial Development Authority

Section 2. Services Trade – A Regional Outlook

3. The Role of EPAs in Supporting Services Reform in Africa by Paul Brenton, Lead Economist, Trade and Regional Integration, Africa Region, The World Bank
4. The COMESA Experience by Francis Mangeni, Director, Trade Customs and Monetary Affairs, COMESA
5. The Caribbean Experience by Allyson Francis, Trade in Services and Investment Specialist, CARICOM
6. The South Asian Experience by Manju Haththotuwa, Advisor, ICT & e-Development, South Asia – Private Sector Development, The World Bank

Section 3. The ITES Revolution – Challenges and Opportunities

7. ICT Enabled Development, Innovation, and Business Transformation by Nagy Hanna, e-Development and Corporate Strategy Specialist
8. Opportunities and Strategies in IT Enabled Services by Manju Haththotuwa, Advisor, ICT & e-Development, South Asia – Private Sector Development, The World Bank
9. The Enabling Environment for ITES by Martine Julsaint Kidane, Trade Negotiation and Commercial Diplomacy Branch, UNCTAD Trade Division

Section 4. Human and Institutional Capital

10. Human Capital Requirements for ITES
A. The Mauritian Case by Vidia Mooneegan, Managing Director, Ceridian & President, OTAM
B. Institutional Support in Kenya by Gilda Odera, Chairperson, BPO/ITES Working Group, Kenya
11. The Role of Institutions
A. Private Sector Support Institution in the Caribbean by Michelle Hustler, Barbados Coalition of Services Industries
B. Public Sector Support Institution in Malaysia by Ir. Ahmad 'Asri Abdul Hamid, Professional Services Development Corporation, Malaysia
C. Cluster in Uganda by Charles Basajja, ICT Cluster, Uganda

Section 5. International Trade Negotiations and ITES Export Development

12. GATS ITES Commitments and the DDA by Laura Lee Tuthill, Counsellor, Trade in Services Division, WTO Secretariat
13. Mode 4: Issues and Ways Forward by Antonia Carzaniga, Counsellor, Trade in Services Division, WTO Secretariat

Section 6. Country Experiences

14. India by Pritam Banerjee, Head of Trade Policy, CII, Ameet Nivsarkar, Vice President, Global Trade Development, NASSCOM and Arunima Sharma (Deputy Director - Telecom, CII)
15. South Africa by Pumela Salela, Director, BPO & ICT Enabled Services, Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa
16. Kenya by Peres Were, ITES Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister, Kenya
17. Sri Lanka by Fayaz Hudah, ICT Agency, Sri Lanka
18. Mauritius
A. Managing the Transition to an IT-based Economy by Donald Lim Fat, Consultant, Mauritius
B. The Role of Telecom Reforms by Krishna Oolun, Information and Communication Authority, Mauritius
C. Promoting Mauritius by Ken Poonoosamy, Board of Investment, Mauritius
D. Developing an Attractive BPO Location by Paul Halpin, Owner, Halpin International
E. The BPO Success Story: A Private Sector Perspective by Josie Lapierre, Lead, Accenture Delivery Centre for BPO

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Nikhil Treebhoohun (Editor)

Nikhil Treebhoohun is the Adviser & Head in the Trade Section of the Special Advisory Services Division in the Commonwealth Secretariat. His section’s mandate is to assist member countries improve their exports competitiveness. Promoting the development of the services sector has been one of his key activities.