Primary School Teacher Deployment

A Comparative Study

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Primary School Teacher Deployment
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Contributors: Fatimah Kelleher
Publication date: 1 September 2008
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ISBN: 978-0-85092-883-9
Pages: 80

Ensuring Education for All at the primary school level is not just a matter of recruiting enough teachers: they must be deployed effectively across the education system. Even countries with sufficient total numbers of teachers may have shortages in some areas, or be unsuccessful in recruiting female teachers, with consequences for the participation rate of girls in schools. 'Primary School Teacher Deployment' presents four detailed studies, from countries with low net educational enrolment levels: Nigeria, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea and Pakistan. The book demonstrates the effects of inequitable teacher deployment, and the attempts to address these problems at the country level. The contributors make overall recommendations on deployment policies and practices in a number of areas to assist educational planners to achieve Education for All goals, particularly with regard to female teachers, but also dealing with training and recruitment, in-service training, teacher incentives, teacher utilisation, and effective decentralisation.

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List of Tables and Figures Acronyms Acknowledgement   1. Introduction Background Context Nigeria Pakistan Papua New Guinea Tanzania Methodology   2. Comparative Situational Analysis Country Overviews Unpacking Sub-national Disparities Rural/urban Disparities Gender Disparities Teacher Qualifications Challenges for Equitable Teacher Deployment   3. Policies and Practices Teacher Deployment Systems Nigeria Pakistan Papua New Guinea Tanzania Teacher Provision Cycle Teacher Education and Training Recruitment, Placement and Transfer Teacher Utilisation as a Compensatory Alternative Myriad Experiences and Challenges   4. Conclusions and Recommendations   References and Bibliography Index
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Fatimah Kelleher (Author)

Fatimah Kelleher is a Programme Officer at the Commonwealth Secretariat, London.
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‘a must read for African educational scholars, administrators and all stakeholders in African educational enterprise.’

The African Symposium: An Online Journal of the African Educational Research Network, Vol. 9 No.1, 151

‘The book is admirable, particularly in the way in which it renders rather complex statistical data in an accessible and comprehensible form, which makes the book "user-friendly", even for those who may not be involved with schooling or the EFA. It is concisely written and very informative. A definite "must read" for those immersed in the field of education and EFA and MDGs.’

Perspectives in Education, Vol. 28 No. 1

‘a valuable examination of the inequalities present in the school systems of four Commonwealth countries and will prove interesting to anyone interested in educational policy, social inequality and professional development. It is easy to engage with, strongly underpinned statistically, and insightful as to its recommendations.’