Pollution Control and Waste Management in Developing Countries

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Pollution Control and Waste Management in Developing Countries

Contributors: Rogers W'O Okot-Uma
Publication date: 1 January 2000
Size: 240mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-557-9
Pages: 462

A comprehensive, practical view of environmental management, this book records the experience gained through regional seminars in Africa over several years. It uses real examples to illustrate the points it makes. Subjects covered are: air pollution; coastal and marine pollution; managing domestic, industrial, mining, biomedical, nuclear and radioactive waste; solid waste re-use and recycling; waste water treatment; bioremediation; microbiological assessment and monitoring of pollutants; laboratory waste management; moving hazardous waste between nations; best practice for building a distributed waste network.

The book will be of tremendous benefit to policy-makers, non-governmental organisations, intergovernmental organisations, university and research institutions as well as concerned citizens.

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1. Environmentally Sound Technologies: A Framework by Rogers W'O. Okot-Uma
2. Mobilisation of the Community on Environmental Management by K. Nthomang
3. Perceptions and Attitudes in Pollution Control and Environmental Management by Raban Chanda
4. Environmental Impacts of Urbanisation by Kwesi Darkoh
5. Environmental Protection in the Context of Sustainable Development by Jaap Arntzen
6. Population, Poverty and Environment in Africa by John O. Oucho

7. Information Dissemination and Management by V.T.C. Matsoga
8. Indicators of Environmental Pollution from a Scientific Perspective: The Role of Remotely Sensed Date in Environmental Management by S. Ringrose
9. Making the Transition to a Managed Distributed Information Network Architecture: A Waste Management Network by Rogers W'O. Okot-Uma
10. Impact of Pollutants on Soil and Air Quality by Otlogetswe Totolo
11. Air Pollution Control by C.J. Matale
12. Forestry Debates in Southern Africa by Otlogetswe Totolo

13. Pollution and Remediation of Polluted Groundwater by Robin Hazell and Deborah McLaren
14. Water Quality Guidelines and Standards by Yvonne Gotlop Bogatsu
15. Overview of Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries by J.S.N. Khupe
16. Microbiological Assessment and Monitoring of Environmental Pollutants by Sesai Mpuchane
17. Coastal and Marine Pollution with Reference to the Rio Del in the Cameroon by Georges Ekosse
18. Techniques of dealing with Environmental Pollution: Bioremediation by Hillary M. Masundire

19. Climatic Factors Affecting Pollutants in Waste Disposal Sites in Developing Countries by Prof J.O. Ayoade
20. Waste Management: the Role of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) by E.M. Segosebe
21. Towards Effective Waste Disposal in Developing Countries by Yvonne Gotlop Bogatsu
22. The Role of EIA in Waste Disposal and Management by F.T.K. Sefe

23. Environmental and Health Implications of Waste Management in Developing Countries by Dennis Bella
24. Biomedical Waste Management in Developing Countries by M.F. Simpanya
25. A Review of Nuclear and Radioactive Waste Management with Reference to Africa by Georges Ekosse
26. Industrial Waste Management with Specific Allusion to the Meat and Mining Industries in Developing Countries by Yvonne Gotlop Bogatsu
27. An Overview of Industrial and Mining Waste by G.L. Mosweunyane
28. Solid Waste Reuse and Recycling by John Ε Gould
29. A Review of Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries with Reference to Botswana by Kodise A Selotlegeng

30. Application of Appropriate Technologies in Waste Management in Developing Countries by Brighton Kaonga
31. Transnational Movement of Hazardous Waste in Developing Countries by Prof F A Ο Otieno
32. Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste by Georges Ekosse
33. Waste Management Services in Botswana: Evolution of Problems, Perspectives and Responses by V Τ C Matsoga
34. A Comparative Approach to Laboratory Waste Management by Georges Ekosse
35. Management of Effluent and Sludge from Treatment Systems by Yvonne Gotlop Bogatsu