Planting and Establishment of Tropical Trees

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Planting and Establishment of Tropical Trees

Series Title: Tropical Trees: Propagation and Planting Manuals
Number within series: 5
Publication date: 1 March 2008
Size: 210mm x 148mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-708-5
Pages: 142

Planting and Establishment of Tropical Trees explains, in a practical and straightforward way, how to plant and establish the most appropriate trees for a particular location and the benefits required.

Complete with many line drawings and diagrams, it shows how to select the most suitable specimens, planting methods, and how to ensure that newly planted trees thrive, by protecting them from damage from the weather, from animals or from disease.

Written by a forestry expert for the non-specialist reader, this will be an invaluable guide to anyone trying to ensure that a rich variety of trees survive to maturity, across the tropics.

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The need for reforestation
Planting or natural regeneration
Getting started
Planning the project
Feasibility studies
Soils: structure and composition
Soils: soil fertility
Soils: acidity and alkalinity
Soils: salinity and moisture content  

Taking the young trees to the planting site
Selecting trees for planting
Preparing for transporting trees
Transporting your trees
Arrival at the planting site    

Planting trees
How and when to plant
Equipment and labour
Preparing to plant
Methods of planting
Windbreaks and shelterbelts  

Establishing newly planted trees
Establishment time
Pruning and staking  

Climatic conditions
Damage by animals
Fire damage
Harmful insects
Introduction to diseases
Diseases and pathogens
Identification of tree diseases
Nutrition deficiencies
Treating diseased trees
Reason why trees may fail to establish  

Monitoring after planting
Assessing the results of field trials  

Check-lists, sources and records
Record keeping
Sources of reference and further information  

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‘This excellent volume is the last in a series of five practical guides to propagating and planting tropical trees. It has many points to recommend it: extremely clear and straight-forward writing; attractive and helpful line-drawn illustrations; spiral bound and organised as a series of photocopiable sheets, ideal for training purposes, with cross references to relevant sections in other volumes in the series. ’

New Agriculturalist

'This is the last in a series of five practical guides on propagating and planting tropical trees. It is written in a clear style with questions and answers. The text is jargon-free, to-the-point and non-academic. It is designed for training purposes: it is spiral bound, allowing for easy photocopying, with clear well-labelled diagrams and illustrations. The aim of the series as a whole is to encourage growing, planting and care of trees “on any site, by anyone, at any scale”, and readers might include farmers and foresters, lecturers and students, NGO staff and managers, international funding agencies, and extension workers and advisors. The section on soils explains basic concepts very clearly.'

Leisa Magazine, Volume 24, Issue 2