Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Small States

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Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Small States

Publication date: 11 October 2011
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Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Small States examines measures through which small states can work together with the international community to strengthen their ability to pursue economic and social development. Due to their size and vulnerability, national practices alone would leave these countries unable to cope with the pressing challenges they face in areas such as climate change, sustainable manufacturing and renewable energy technologies.

In chapter one, development planning specialist Cletus I Springer examines the scope for effective partnerships and reviews the progress that has been made nationally, regionally and internationally. In chapter two, John L Roberts, Associate Professor at the University of Mauritius, highlights the need for new partnerships and notes new trends, such as the greater use of technology, that can be developed to address challenges more effectively.

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1. Towards Effective Partnerships for the Development of Small Island States
Cletus I Springer
Notions of partnership
The national dimension
The regional dimension
The international dimension

2. Exploring New Sources of Partnerships for Small States
John L Roberts
Old challenges, new partnerships
Regional, inter-regional and international partnerships

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Cletus I Springer (Author)

Cletus I Springer is Development Planning Specialist and a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministries of Tourism, Planning and Development in Saint Lucia. He now serves as Chief of the Caribbean Division in the Department of Department of Sustainable Development of the Organization of American States based in Washington DC.

John L Roberts (Author)

John L Roberts is a British international consultant on macroeconomics and sustainable development, working at present on assignments with the Indian Ocean Commission and the Commonwealth Secretariat. He has published case studies for UNEP on malaria eradication and on cyclone early warning systems.