New books

Publication date: 1 May 2020
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

The use of computers and other technology introduces a range of risks to electoral integrity. Cybersecurity for Elections explains how cybersecurity issues can compromise traditional aspects of elections, explores how cybersecurity interacts with the broader electoral environment, and offers principles for managing cybersecurity risks.

Contributor: Jodie Keane
Publication date: 16 March 2020
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Progress made in the Least Developed Counties (LDCs) in the Commonwealth will contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this end, this book identifies areas in which international support measures could be improved to reduce economic vulnerability in Bangladesh, Mozambique and Solomon Islands.

Publication date: 24 February 2020
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

This first volume in the Commonwealth Connectivity Series explores some of the issues facing policy-makers in the Commonwealth in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It provides policy recommendations that Commonwealth members can use to address the challenges and realise the benefits of the digital age.