Negotiating at the World Trade Organization

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Negotiating at the World Trade Organization

Contributors: Vinod Rege
Series Title: Lessons from the Commonwealth
Number within series: 2
Publication date: 22 February 2011
Size: 240mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-022-7
Pages: 224

Negotiating at the World Trade Organization provides a unique insider’s guide to the issues that have concerned developing country negotiators at that body since its establishment in 1995.

Published in the Lessons from the Commonwealth series, it highlights the continuing issues that all delegations are grappling with, from a developing country perspective. It will be invaluable to those arriving in Geneva who need to brief themselves on the continuing story of the WTO negotiations, and those in national capitals in daily touch with their negotiating teams. The author, Vinod Rege, is a former Director at GATT, and was engaged as a consultant to Commonwealth developing countries at the WTO over a ten year period until 2008.

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Summary and Author’s Concluding Observations

Part 1. The WTO rules-based system and the Commonwealth Project

1. What is the WTO and What Does It Do?
2. The Project and the Modalities Adopted

Part 2. Assistance provided on subjects in the agenda of the Doha Round

3. The Doha Round of Negotiations
4. Liberalisation of Trade in Agricultural Products
5. Agricultural Commodity Issues
6. Liberalisation of Trade in Non-agricultural Products
7. Liberalisation of Trade in Services
8. The Role of Industrial Policy in Attaining the Development Objectives of the Doha Round
9. Agreement on TRIPS and Public Health
10. Trade Facilitation
Annex: Examples of customs fees and charges levied by selected developing countries

Part 3. Assistance provided to individual delegations and in the pre-Doha period

11. Assistance Provided to Individual Delegations
12. Main Features of the Assistance Provided in the Pre-Doha Period (1997–2001)


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Vinod Rege (Author)

Vinod Rege is a former Director at GATT, and until 2008 was a Geneva-based Multilateral Trade Adviser on WTO issues, responsible for providing assistance and advice to 24 member countries of the Geneva Group of Commonwealth Developing Countries. He is the author of 'Business Guide to the World Trading System' (1999), 'Influencing and Meeting International Standards: Challenges for developing countries' (2003), and 'Trade Facilitation: A Handbook for Trade Negotiators' (2007).