Multilateral and Regional Trade Issues for Developing Countries

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Multilateral and Regional Trade Issues for Developing Countries
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Contributors: R. Grynberg, E. Turner
Publication date: 1 January 2003
Size: 240mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-762-7
Pages: 269

Multilateral and Regional Trade Issues for Developing Countries

This book is the first in a set volumes of compilations of Trade Briefs, intended to serve as sources of information and training, and as reference tools for officials, policy makers and other persons responsible for following negotiations on behalf of Commonwealth developing countries.

This volume focuses on the various multilateral and regional negotiations and in particular, the Doha Development Round and ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).

The Papers are presented in manner which allows for flexibility and accessibility of use. The volume is divided into clear sections according to topics making it easier for trade officials, trade negotiators and researchers to find their subject area of interest. Equally, the volume offers a wide enough selection of trade topics, for individuals with little or no expertise in trade negotiations to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the current state of international negotiations.

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Section I. Issues in the WTO

1. Export Processing Zones and the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
2. Commonwealth Developing Countries and the WTO Telecommunications Regime
3. US Farm Bill
4. Geographical Indicators
5. Access to Medicines: After Doha
6. ECO-labelling and International Trade  

Section II. WTO Disputes

1. US Steel Duties and safeguard Actions under the WTO
2. United States Tax Subsidies under DISC, FSC and ETI Legislation within the Framework of the WTO
3. WTO Complaints by Australia and Brazil Regarding the US Sugar Regime
4. WTO Complaints by Brazil Against US Cotton Subsidies
5. India – European Union Dispute on Generalised System of Preference Conditionalities
6. The WTO GMO Dispute
7. Rules of Origin: The Way Ahead (Lessons from the USA-EC-India Textiles Dispute)  

Section III. Regional Issues

1. ACP-EU Negotiations of Economic Partnership Agreements
2. Challenges Facing the Caribbean During EPA Negotiations
3. ACP-EU Future Trade Relations: Challenges and Opportunities For Eastern and Southern African Countries
4. COMSEA and SADC – A New Free Trade Area and Another in the Making
5. The African Growth and Opportunity Act: The Impact of Its Rules of Origin
6. The United States – Singapore Free Trade Agreement
7. The United States – Chile Free Trade Agreement
8. Reform of the EU’s Agricultural Policy