Mohammad A Razzaque

Publication date: 1 November 2014
Format: Paperback, Hardback

This volume presents an objective assessment of trade and economic co-operation among South Asian nations and highlights policy issues to foster regional integration. It presents insightful perspectives on potential new areas of co-operation, emerging challenges, and country-specific views on regional and bilateral trade co-operation issues.

Publication date: 25 November 2013
Format: Paperback, Hardback

Aid for Trade has been an integral part of ODA since the WTO 2005 Ministerial. This volume of 16 papers provides a comprehensive review of the AfT initiative, examining effectiveness, current issues and future directions including an alternative way to improve trade for developing countries from Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stigliz.

Publication date: 1 March 2008
Format: Paperback

The liberalisation of trade in rice is likely to have huge welfare implications for countries dependent on its production and trade. This book explores the poverty and welfare implications of this liberalisation for India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and identifies the effects on different groups within rice-dependent developing countries.