Managing Human Resources in South African Schools

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Managing Human Resources in South African Schools
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Series Title: Managing Schools in South Africa Series
Publication date: 1 July 2003
Size: 240mm x 154mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-728-3
Pages: 234

'All South Africans must now unite and join hands and say we are one country, one nation, one people, marching together into the future.' - Nelson Mandela

This book is underpinned by the philosophy that effective management of all staff in schools is essential if the challenges of educating South Africa’s youth are to be met. Good managers are able to recruit, select, motivate and monitor teachers and other staff.

The purpose of the book is to provide guidelines for professional development and competence in managing staff effectively. Case examples are provided throughout to enable practical application to specific contexts.

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Section A. Setting the Scene

1. The Changing Context of Education Management in South Africa by Michael Thurlow
2. Drawing on Personnel Management and Human Resource Management Approaches by Jacky Lumby
3. Managing People and Performance by Michael Thurlow  

Section B. Managing Individuals and Groups

4. Recruitment and Selection by Michael Thurlow
5. Managing Induction by David Middlewood
6. The Industrial Relations and Professional Tension by Eleanor Kaabwe
7. Managing Teacher Performance and its Appraisal by David Middlewood
8. Identifying and Meeting Development Needs by Jacky Lumby  

Section C. Organisational Issues

9. Managing Motivation by Jacky Lumby
10. Managing through Teams by David Middlewood
11. Conflict Management by Thandi Ngcobo
12. Gender Issues in Education and Management by Eleanor Kaabwe
13. Managing Multicultural Contexts by Thandi Ngcobo