Managing the Curriculum in South African Schools

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Managing the Curriculum in South African Schools

Series Title: Managing Schools in South Africa Series
Publication date: 1 January 2003
Size: 240mm x 165mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-727-6
Pages: 224

'All South Africans must now unite and join hands and say we are one country, one nation, one people, marching together into the future.' - Nelson Mandela

The introduction of Curriculum 2005 and Outcomes Based Education mark both a sea change in the way in which education is offered in schools, and a challenge to all involved.

This book considers the main issues in curriculum management as education switches to a more devolved framework. Key concepts and principles are analysed which can then be applied to specific contexts. Case examples are given, providing practical illustrations of how individual schools are managing aspects of the curriculum. Activities are included to encourage reflective practice and provide opportunities for personal development.

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Edited by Jacky Lumby, David Middlewood and Eleanor Kaabwe

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Series Editors’ Foreword


Section A: Understanding Curriculum

1. The Nature of Curriculum by Michael Graham-Jolly
2. Theorising Curriculum by Janet Frame
3. On the Politics of Policy: State and Curriculum after Apartheid by Jonathan Jansen  

Section B: Curriculum Management: Practical Implications

4. From Policy to Action: Issues of Curriculum Management at School Level by Jonathan Jansen and David Middlewood
5. The Role of Senior Curriculum Managers by David Middlewood
6. The Role of Curriculum Middle Managers by Marianne Coleman  

Section C: Managing Curriculum Change

7. The Nature of Curriculum Change Management by Michael Graham-Jolly
8. Teacher Professionalism and Development by David Middlewood
9. Developing a Culture of Learning and Teaching by Marianne Coleman
10. Evaluation and Review by Marianne Coleman  

Section D: Managing Outcomes-Based Education (OBE)

11. OBE and its Implications on Teachers by John Gultig
12. The Role of Assessment in OBE by Henry MacIntosh