Making Trade in Services Supportive of Development in Commonwealth Small and Low-income Countries

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Making Trade in Services Supportive of Development in Commonwealth Small and Low-income Countries

Series Title: Commonwealth Economic Paper Series
Number within series: 93
Publication date: 15 November 2011
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ISBN: 978-1-84929-070-8
Pages: 90

This Economic Paper assesses new innovative measures in trade in service negotiations that reflect the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by developing countries. It outlines the approaches that can help small and low-income countries employ the Special and Differential Treatment Arrangements provided under the WTO GATS in a manner that is practical and supportive of their economic development.

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1. Introduction: Definition of Special and Differential Treatment

2. SDT Commitments Provided to Developing Countries Under (i) the WTO GATS (ii) WTO DDA Offers Submitted so far on Services; and (iii) key North–South and South–South RTAs
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Architecture of Services Trade Agreements
2.3 Provisions Acknowledging that Reciprocity is not Expected from Developing Countries
2.4 Negotiated Outcomes
2.5 Technical Assistance
2.6 Longer Time Periods for Implementation
2.7 Best Endeavour Provisions
2.8 Pros and Cons of SDT

3. Challenges Faced by Business Enterprises in Commonwealth Developing Countries for Maximising Export and Investment Opportunities Derived from SDT Arrangements

4. Suggested Pro-development Special and Differential Treatment Arrangements and Measures that could be Considered by Commonwealth Developing Countries Negotiating RTAs in Services
4.1 Negotiated Outcomes that are Beneficial to Developing Country Partners
4.2 Concrete Channels for Sharing of Information and Expertise
4.3 Provision of Effective Technical Assistance, especially for the Design and Implementation of Services Regulatory Frameworks

5. Methods That May Be Utilised to Assess the Impact of Services Trade Liberalisation on Domestic Vis-À-Vis Foreign Service Suppliers
What is it that we want to Measure?
What are the Data that we want to use?
Modeling Techniques

6. Approaches to Advance SDT Treatment in the Multilateral Context
6.1 Reference Paper
6.2 MFN Waiver with Respect to LDC Service Exports
6.3 Other Approaches


1. SDT Provisions in Key North–South RTAs
2. SDT Provisions in Key South–South RTAs
3. GATS Provisions on Special and Differential Treatment
4. Doha Development Round Documents Calling for Special and Differential Treatment
5. Mode 4 Commitments by Developed Countries in North–South RTAs
6. WTO Proposals Relating to Trade in Services
7. Terms of Reference
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Patrick Macrory (Author)

Patrick Macrory is an independent consultant based in Washington.

Sherry Stephenson (Author)

Dr Sherry Stephenson is Deputy Director for Trade at the Organisation of the American States in Washington.