Integrating Sustainable Development into National Frameworks

Policy Approaches for Key Sectors in Small States

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Integrating Sustainable Development into National Frameworks

Publication date: 13 May 2011
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ISBN: 978-1-84929-034-0
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This book brings policy-making for sustainable development into the mainstream of decision-making at all levels of governance and in all sectors.

It builds on the 2005 internationally agreed ‘Mauritius Strategy’ which aims to implement the integration of sustainable development by small island developing states.

Designed as a handbook for policy-makers and planners in government, as well as business and civil society leaders, it covers seven of the twenty issues that have been outlined in the Mauritius Strategy as being important for the sustainable development of SIDS – disaster management; marine resources; freshwater resources; land resources; energy resources; tourism resources and trade.

It brings together best practices, policy options and development prospects that small states can pursue in order to achieve real progress in these fields. It covers the progress and experiences of countries in the Caribbean region, the Pacific region, and the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean region in their implementation of sustainable development in these areas. It also provides a useful point of reference and stimulus to policy-makers and their supporting colleagues from all sectors.

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1. Introduction - Janet Strachan and Constance Vigilance
2. National Sustainable Development Strategies in Small Island Developing States: an Overview - Saki Hirano
3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change - Rowena Hay, Chris Hartnady and Dylan Blake
4. Oceans and Marine Resource Management: National Sustainable Development-Linked Ecosystem Based Management - Padma Narsey Lal
5. Sustainable Water Management in Pacific Island Countries- Strategic Alliances and Coordinated Action : From Vision to Action - Marc Overmars and Allison Woodruff
6. Foresight and Innovation for Boosting Agriculture - Padma Narsey Lal
7. Renewable energy and energy efficiency - David Barrett
8. Sustainable Tourism Development Principles in Small Island Developing States Deidre Shurland
9. Emerging Lessons from Integrating Labour and Fisheries into Trade Agreements : A New Vision for the Pacific Region - Vini Qalo

About the authors


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Janet Strachan (Editor)

Janet Strachan is Adviser and Head (Small States, Environment and Economic Management) at the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Constance Vigilance (Editor)

Constance Vigilance is the Economic Adviser responsible for Small States at the Commonwealth Secretariat.