Implementing The Commonwealth Guide to Advancing Development through Sport

A Workbook for Analysis, Planning and Monitoring

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Implementing The Commonwealth Guide to Advancing Development through Sport

Contributors: Colin Higgs
Publication date: 15 July 2014
Size: 253mm x 190mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-116-3
Pages: 52

Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) brings the power of sport to solving some of the most difficult challenges of humankind. Commonwealth leaders have consistently endorsed the role that SDP can play in development and peace work, in particular in the domain of youth engagement and empowerment.

Effective SDP programmes require careful planning, delivery and evaluation. This workbook is designed as a roadmap to help governments and sport organisations work together. It includes practical exercises to guide users through the many steps that comprise the lifecycle of an SDP programme.

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Abbreviations and acronyms

1. Introduction
Sport for development and peace
Using this workbook

2. Stage One: Analysis
Analysis step 1 (A1): Using SDP in national development
Analysis step 2 (A2): Commonwealth and organisational values
Analysis step 3 (A3): International and regional development goals and national development strategy
Analysis step 4 (A4): National action plan on SDP

3. Stage Two: Planning
Planning step 1 (P1): Select broad objectives to be addressed through SDP
Planning step 2 (P2): Assess current policy, strategy and support mechanisms
Planning step 3 (P3): Determine programme resources
Planning step 4 (P4): Define the programme target population
Planning step 5 (P5): Define the programme target communities
Planning step 6 (P6): Define specific programme objectives
Planning step 7 (P7): Design the programme
Planning step 8 (P8): Train programme leaders
Planning Step 9 (P9): Recognition of programme leader training
Planning Step 10 (P10): Ongoing programme delivery

4. Stage Three: Monitoring
Monitoring step 1 (M1): Programme monitoring and evaluation

Exercise 1. Organisations currently active in SDP
Exercise 2. Agreement with shared Commonwealth values
Exercise 3. Commitment to the Millennium Development Goals
Exercise 4. Commitment to international or regional development goals
Exercise 5. National development strategy
Exercise 6. Matching government development goals with SDP
Exercise 7. National and regional objectives
Exercise 8. Existing programmes that address identified government development goals
Exercise 9. List of potential members for working group on SDP policy environment analysis
Exercise 10. The policy principles assessment tool
Exercise 11. Scoring the policy principles
Exercise 12. Determine programme resources
Exercise 13. The target population for the planned programme
Exercise 14. The target communities for the planned programme
Exercise 15. Community selection for SDP programmes
Exercise 16. Checklist for SMART objectives

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Colin Higgs (Author)

Dr Colin Higgs is Professor Emeritus at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.