Human Rights in the Commonwealth

A Status Report

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Human Rights in the Commonwealth

Contributors: Purna Sen, Jade Cochran
Publication date: 1 December 2008
Size: 240mm x 170mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-894-5
Pages: 84

Human Rights in the Commonwealth presents a comprehensive survey of the state of human rights, as measured by each country’s formal engagement with the main international standards and norms, across the fifty-three member countries of the association. For each country the report details the human rights instruments signed, ratified or acceded to, together with information on the main human rights institution in the country.

The report also includes articles on key human rights themes of global relevance.

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List of Abbreviations  
Foreword by Kamalesh Sharma, Commonwealth Secretary-General  
Introduction by Dr Purna Sen, Head of Human Rights  

The Core Human Rights Treaties
Reservations to human rights treaties
Monitoring the implementation of human rights treaties through reports  
Universal Periodic Review  
Strengthening National Human Rights Institutions: The Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (CFNHRI) by Margaret Sekaggya, Chairperson of the CFNHRI  
Human Rights in the Commonwealth at a Glance  
Regional Analysis of Commonwealth Human Rights Information  

Annex: Universal Declaration of Human Rights  

The Human Rights Unit and Contacts

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Purna Sen (Editor)

Dr Purna Sen is the former Head of Human Rights at the Commonwealth Secretariat.
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'An exceedingly useful publication that will be of great value’

Bertrand Ramcharan, Former Acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


'This publication is an invaluable resource for all those committed to bringing home international human rights standards to the peoples and states of the Commonwealth.’

Professor Paul Hunt, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to the highest attainable standard of health (2002-2008)