How to do a Gender-sensitive Budget Analysis

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How to do a Gender-sensitive Budget Analysis

Publication date: 1 January 1999
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This document draws data from countries which already have gender-sensitive budgets in place, or those which are initiating them (Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Tasmania, Sri Lanka, Barbados). It shows the diversity of approaches in different countries, and covers the issues, methods and strategies for the first year of implementing the exercise. It has a strong practical orientation, built on a sound research base, and includes theory, examples and discussion questions. The book is the basis for a series of structured workshops for civil servants from different departments.

Co-published with AusAID.

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1. Introduction

2. What is a gender-sensitive budget
Gender-neutral or gender blind?
Mainstreaming gender
Country examples
Initiatives in other countries

3. Gender, sex, men and women
Sex and gender
Gender issues in government budgets
Women and men in different roles
Different roles and gender bias in budgetary resource allocations
Gender indicators
How can we measure gender and gender relations?
Local context

4. What is a government budget
The functions of a government budget
The budget functions and policy
Budgetary constraints
Variations between countries
The process of drawing up the budget

5. Tools for a gender-sensitive analysis of budgets
Gender-aware policy appraisal
Gender-disaggregated beneficiary assessments
Gender-disaggregated public expenditure incidence analysis
Gender-disaggregated tax incidence analysis
Gender-disaggregated analysis of the impact of the budget on time use
Gender-aware medium term economic policy framework
Gender-aware budget statement

6. Putting care into the economy
Household work in the system of national accounts
Time use
Engendering economic models
The care economy

7. Preparing a gender-sensitive budget statement
Gender budgets: A framework for public expenditure
Gender budgets: A framework for public revenue

8. Portfolio work
Introduction to portfolio work
Preliminary tasks
Data needs
Developing a portfolio analysis
Developing an act ion plan

References and bibliography