Gender Budgets Make More Cents

Country Studies and Good Practice

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Gender Budgets Make More Cents

Publication date: 1 August 2002
Size: 245mm x 166mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-734-4
Pages: 200

Gender Budgets Make More Cents documents ‘good practice’ in gender budget work from across the globe. Practitioners share their first-hand experiences and in-depth knowledge of the why, where and how of gender responsive budget (GRB) initiatives. They reflect on both the challenges and successes of initiatives in the Andean region, Australia, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Rwanda, Scotland, South Africa and the United Kingdom. A chapter on the Commonwealth Secretariat’s involvement in developing and implementing GRB initiatives is also included to suggest the role that can be played by external agencies at the national, regional and international level.

This book builds on a previous publication, Gender Budgets Make Cents, which was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of GRB initiatives. It described the conceptual framework, evolution of the work and lessons learned, and provided brief summaries of country initiatives. Together, these titles show the importance of integrating a gender perspective into government budgets to promote equality between women and men.

It is hoped that this book will be read by a wide range of people from government, multilateral and bilateral agencies and civil society, and inspire them to take forward gender budget work in their own country and organisation.

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Debbie Budlender and Guy Hewitt

The Commonwealth Secretariat: The role of external agencies
Guy Hewitt

The Andean Region: A multi-country programme
Rebecca Pearl

Australia: The mandarin approach to gender budgets
Marian Sawer

Korea: Raising questions about women-related policies
Yoon Jung Sook

Mexico: Collaborating with a wide range of actors
Helena Hofbauer

The Philippines: Getting smart with local budgets
Celia Flor and Andrea Lizares-Si

Rwanda: Translating government commitments into action
Ngone Diop-Tine

Scotland: Using political change to advance gender issues
Ailsa McKay, Rona Fitzgerald, Angela O'Hagan and Morag Gillespie

South Africa: Expanding into diverse initiatives
Debbie Budlender, Janine Hicks and Lisa Vetten

The United Kingdom: A focus on taxes and benefits
Donna St. Hill

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