Gender Budgets Make Cents

Understanding Gender Responsive Budgets

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Gender Budgets Make Cents

Publication date: 1 January 2002
Size: 230mm x 167mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-696-5
Pages: 180

A gender responsive budget (GRB) is one which takes into consideration the effect of government revenue and expenditure policies on both women and men. This publication provides a comprehensive understanding of GRB initiatives and will be invaluable to governments, NGOs, donors and other agencies working to integrate a gender analysis into public expenditure policies and budgets.

Divided into four sections, the book provides a conceptual and theoretical framework, traces the evolution of work in this area, assesses the role of different stakeholders and highlights lessons learned to date. A profile of known activities at country level shows how gender responsive budgets have been used as a pivotal tool with which to assess budgetary performance and impact.

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Executive Summary  

Integrating Gender into Government Budgets within a Context of Economic Reform
The Economic Costs of Gender Inequality
The Economic Gains from Gender Responsiveness
Macroeconomic Policy and the National Budget
Integrating Gender into the National Budget: Applying Analytical Tools
Taking Action
Annex: Gender Responsive Budget Analytical Tools  

Promoting Gender Equality through Public Expenditure
What are Gender Responsive Budgets?
The Rationale for Gender Responsive Budgets

Commonwealth Country Experiences
Lessons Learned: Opportunities and Challenges
Future Programme Directions

A Global Assessment of Gender Responsive Budgets Initiatives
A Strategy to Mainstream Gender into Economic Policy
Goals and Objectives
The Role of International Agencies
The Role of Country-Level Actors
Working at Difference Levels of Government Implementation Strategies
Links to other Developmental Initiatives
Forward to Sustainability  

A Profile of Country Activities
Profiles by Region
The Americas
The Middle East

Composite Bibliography  
Glossary of Terms