A Framework for Heritage, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Education

Seminar Papers and Proceedings, April 15-17 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa

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A Framework for Heritage, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Education

Series Title: Commonwealth Case Studies in Citizenship Education
Publication date: 1 January 2003
Size: 210mm x 148mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-755-9
Pages: 144

Following the 14th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers held in Halifax, Canada, in November 2000, the Commonwealth Secretariat organised a seminar with the theme ‘A Commonwealth Framework for Heritage, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Education’ in Johannesburg, South Africa, in April 2002.

This publication was compiled from the papers and proceedings of the seminar. It is a result of collaborative work undertaken by educationalists, curriculum developers and leading experts to develop a framework for an innovative approach to citizenship education, to strengthen a culture of fairness, equity, tolerance and respect.

This ground-breaking approach involves the key elements of heritage, multiculturalism and citizenship. The framework, easily adapted to individual countries, serves as a basis for organising curriculum and for teaching and learning resources.

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1. Introduction
Opening and Closing Sessions
Seminar Themes

2. Key Themes
Why Citizenship Education?
What is Meant by Citizenship Education?
How Can Citizenship Education be Achieved?
Curriculum as Policy, Structure and Content
Challenges Facing Citizenship Education and Curriculum Renewal
Appropriate Pedagogy for Citizenship Education
Aspects of Collaboration and Networking

3. Recommendations
Recommendations for Action
Recommendations for a Draft framework


4. The Transformation of the Curriculum for Basic Education in Mozambique by Laura Gomes and Narciso Hofisso

5. Education Values in Primary Schools: An Experience of Human Rights and Democracy Education by Laura Gomes and Narciso Hofisso

6. Religious Tolerance and Citizenship in lesotho: Religious Education or Citizenship Education? by Moroa Setloboko-Chokobane and Mankoebe B. Moshoeshoe

7. The School Curriculum as a Means of Providing Universal and Meaningful Reflection on Citizenship in lesotho by Moroa Setloboko-Chokobane and Mankoebe B. Moshoeshoe

8. Achieving Change through Statutory Education: A History of Education for Mutual Understanding in Northern Ireland by Vivian Mciver

9. Education for Human Rights and Democracy in Namibia by David Sampson

10. Citizenship Beyond Borders? National Identity, Xenophobia and Global Citizenship by Nazir Carrim

11. The South African Experience- further Contextual Issues by Haroon Mahomed

Appendix A. Seminar Programme
Appendix B. Seminar Participants