Fatimah Kelleher

Publication date: 14 November 2011
Format: Paperback

Examines how the teacher feminisation debate applies in developing countries. Drawing on the experiences of Dominica, Lesotho, Samoa, Sri Lanka and India, it provides a strong analytical understanding of the role of female teachers in the expansion of education systems, and the surrounding gender equality issues.

Contributor: Fatimah Kelleher
Publication date: 1 September 2008
Format: Paperback

Ensuring Education for All at the primary school level is not just a matter of recruiting enough teachers: they must be deployed effectively across the education system. This work presents four detailed studies, from countries with low net educational enrolment levels: Nigeria, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea and Pakistan.

Publication date: 1 December 2006
Format: Paperback

Gender disparity in education has usually been experienced as disadvantaging girls. Although this continues to be the case in many places, the phenomenon of boys’ underachievement – both in terms of participation and performance – has also become an issue in a number of countries.equality in school education.