Eyes of Democracy

The Media and Elections

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Eyes of Democracy

Publication date: 1 May 2009
Size: 253mm x 190mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-898-3
Pages: 124

The media plays a crucial role in ensuring that elections are conducted fairly, and are seen to be credible. Changing technologies are changing the speed and nature of reporting, but the key issue remains the same: media plays an essential part in ensuring freedom of expression and in guaranteeing democracy.

In Eyes of Democracy, two experienced media professionals offer fellow journalists an overview of the issues, testimonies from colleagues on the ground, and guidelines for good practice, along with reports from Commonwealth Observer Groups on election reporting in a select number of Commonwealth countries.

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1. How the Media Enlightens and Sustains Democracy
2. Evolution of the Media’s Role
3. The Media and the Electoral Process
4. New Communication Technologies
5. Guiding Principles
6. Conclusion

Appendix 1: Commonwealth Observer Group Reports
References and Bibliography

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Manoah Esipisu (Author)

Manoah Esipisu is Deputy Spokesperson at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. He joined the Secretariat in 2006 after 16 years as a Correspondent at Thomson Reuters, the global news and information group. He is an alumnus of the Africa Leadership Programme of Marquette University’s Les Aspin Centre for Government in Washington DC.

Isaac E Khaguli (Author)

Isaac E Khaguli is a lecturer in digital and new media at the journalism and media studies programme at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. He has trained journalists for organisations including the Southern Africa Media Training Trust and is a frequent speaker at Highway Africa, Africa’s premier new media conference.
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‘A useful tool for students of journalism. The information shared is deep and reveals the pragmatic approach to elections coverage – the knowledge, skills and tools that journalists ought to be equipped with while covering elections.’

Dr Eddah Mutua-Kombo, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, St Cloud State University, Minnesota, USA

‘A very insightful book that shows deep experience from the authors in the realm of the media and democracy in general, and election reporting in particular. I am sure this will guide our fellow journalists, especially in the Third World, who are still lacking landmarks in their profession and end up falling out with their governments.’

Dominique Nduhura, Director, School of Journalism and  Communication, National University of Rwanda

'The many strengths of the book include the fact that it is clearly written and free of jargon, and the fact that its layout is superb.... The book will be of great value to journalists, and those wishing to become journalists. It would also be worth reading by anyone with an informed interest in democratic elections and the reporting of them.'

The Round Table, Vol. 99 No. 406, February 2010