The Export of Tradeable Services in Mauritius

A Commonwealth Case Study in Economic Transformation

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The Export of Tradeable Services in Mauritius

Publication date: 1 March 2009
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How can developing country governments seek to initiate the economic transformation that so many desire?

For many countries the dramatic shift from low to high added-value activities will involve the export of tradeable services, particularly professional services. The authors look in detail at the services-driven economic transformation that is occurring in Mauritius, and make specific recommendations for improvements in infrastructure, human resource capacity and the regulatory environment.

The service sectors examined here – financial services, information and communication technologies, health care services, and human resources services – offer lessons that have much to teach economic planners in other developing country economies.

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1. Introduction  

2. Mauritius: from Plantation to Knowledge-based Economy  

3. Exporting Financial Services
Private banking, wealth management and asset management
Insurance and re-insurance
Transfer pricing and global tax management
Risk management and capital market activity
Complex financial engineering: mergers and acquisitions and public-private partnerships  

4. Exporting ICT and Business Process Outsourcing Services
Banking and financial services outsourcing
Engineering design and architectural services outsourcing
Accounting and business support services outsourcing
Legal process outsourcing
Hospitality, travel and tourism outsourcing
Human resources recruitment, training and development outsourcing
Media, entertainment and animation services
Mauritius as an African outsourcing gateway  

5. Exporting Healthcare Services
Quality control issues
Medical tourism
Alternative medicine and drug research
Clinical trials
Pre-clinical research  

6. Exporting Human Resource Development Services
Vocational and tertiary education in the ICT and business process outsourcing industry
Vocational and tertiary education in financial services
Vocational and tertiary education in business and management studies
Vocational and tertiary education in the hospitality industry
Vocational and tertiary education in public administration
Vocational and tertiary education in central banking
Distance learning and e-learning  

7. Conclusions  

References and Bibliography  

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Percy Mistry (Author)

Percy Mistry is an economist, investment banker and founder of Oxford International Associates, a corporate finance and investment advisory firm.

Nikhil Treebhoohun (Author)

Nikhil Treebhoohun is Adviser and Head of the Trade Section of the Special Advisory Services Division at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. Prior to that he was Executive Director of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council in Mauritius.
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‘If there is an elixir of export growth, then it is probably to be found in Mauritius. This book makes a most valuable contribution by drawing lessons from the Mauritian experience, carefully distinguishing between fortuitous circumstance and imaginative policy. It should be read by economists and policy-makers seeking insights on how small economies can benefit from international integration.’ 

Aaditya Mattoo, Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

‘The strength of the book is that it brings services and the export of services on the development agenda. ... I therefore recommend the book to politicians, development planners, investors, and scholars interested in developmental issues on the African continent. Donors organizations should also read it and encourage their countries to think in terms of identifying and upgrading their services to exportable levels.’

African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, Volume 1 Issue 1, 2010