Education in the Commonwealth: The First 40 Years

From Oxford to Halifax and Beyond

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Education in the Commonwealth: The First 40 Years

Contributors: Lalage Bown
Publication date: 1 January 2003
Size: 239mm x 158mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-692-7
Pages: 216

This book explores the changes and developments which have affected education within the Commonwealth over the years. As the Secretary-General notes: 'The Commonwealth has a strong record and tradition of co-operation in education, encompassing articulation of values, exchange of ideas and direct learning from each other, This book is a reminder of that record and tradition and offers a refreshing kaleidoscope of Commonwealth educational action.'

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Don McKinnon, Commonwealth Secretary-General

Lalage Bown

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Part One: The History

Chapter 1
From Oxford to Halifax: Forty Years of Commonwealth Co-operation in Education
Peter Williams

Part Two: Themes and Concerns

Chapter 2
Education for All in the Commonwealth: What are the Issues?
John Daniel

Chapter 3
Gender in Education: Overview of Commonwealth Strategies
Jasbir K. Singh

Part Three: Spotlight on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education

Chapter 4
The Road from Oxford to Halifax: Snapshots of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education
Ved Goel

Chapter 5
Skills for Survival: Technical and Vocational Education and Entrepreneurship
W. Bonney Rust

Part Four: Higher Education: Innovation and Argument

Chapter 6
Open and Distance Learning - Innovation in the 1990s: The Commonwealth of Learning
Cajaraj Dhana rajan

Chapter 7
Building Bridges for Education in the Commonwealth: Issues in Student Mobility
Lalage Bown



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