Economic development

The Commonwealth helps member countries take advantage of opportunities for economic growth, improving their ability to manage long-term sustainable development. Written by experts from around the world, our books address important economic and financial topics affecting Commonwealth countries today.

Series title: Commonwealth Blue Economy Series
Number within series: 5
Publication date: 30 September 2016
Format: Paperback

This fifth volume in the Commonwealth Blue Economy Series, Blue Biotechnology, provides a high-level assessment of the opportunities available for economic diversification through the development of a blue biotechnology sector in SIDS for food, health products and pharmaceuticals.

Contributor: LDCIV Monitor
Publication date: 29 August 2016
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Achieving the Istanbul Programme of Action by 2020 focuses on four specific themes: structural transformation and export diversification in the LDCs; prospects of graduation of countries from the LDC group; implications of the 2030 Agenda in view of LDC concerns; and new challenges facing LDCs in their pursuit for achieving SDGs.

Publication date: 1 April 2016
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Written by influential researchers and drawing on a wide cross-section of regional stakeholders and thought leaders, the study contains an assessment of the main challenges and opportunities for the Caribbean, scenario modelling of where it could be by 2050, and a vision for the region with sector specific goals of how to get there.

Series title: Commonwealth Trade Review
Number within series: 1
Publication date: 25 November 2015
Format: Paperback

Fundamental changes are taking place in the global trade landscape, and the Commonwealth, with its diverse membership, is adapting to and coming to terms with these changes. Offering insightful perspectives on topical issues that can contribute to promoting the role of trade in development, Commonwealth Trade Review 2015 addresses these issues.

Series title: Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics
Number within series: 18
Publication date: 16 November 2015
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

This annual collection of key economic and statistical data is essential reading for economists, planners and policy-makers working on issues of concern to small states. This volume covers overseas development assistance and Post-2015 financing for development in small states; and contains 17 tables covering development indicators.

Publication date: 11 February 2015
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

This book contextualises migration and development to the peculiar vulnerabilities of small states. It includes case studies from small states in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific that will help policy-makers to embrace migration as an inevitable phenomenon and devise policies that will maximise the benefits from migration at a minimal cost.

Contributor: LDC IV Monitor
Publication date: 17 October 2014
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback, Hardback

LDC IV Monitor’s first reports provide an independent assessment of the status of the Istanbul Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries (IPoA). They aim to enhance transparency, accountability and efficiency in the implementation of the IPoA leading towards the graduation of the least developed countries (LDCs).

Publication date: 8 September 2014
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

This study refines and expands the Commonwealth resilience framework, developed to measure the resilience of small states’ economies to adverse economic shocks, natural disasters and extreme weather events. It proposes policy measures for building resilience, and the areas in which key development partners can provide support.

Series title: Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics
Number within series: 17
Publication date: 2 June 2014
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

This unique annual collection of key economic and statistical data on states with fewer than 5 million inhabitants is an essential reference for economists, planners and policy-makers working on issues of concern to small states. Contains 65 tables covering development indicators and an article focusing on the role of data and statistics.

Publication date: 20 June 2013
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Gender Responsive Investment is a process of ensuring gender-equitable access to financial services and investment. This Handbook supports policy-makers to identify the policies, laws and regulations that hinder women’s access to finance, and assists financial institutions to deliver inclusive, well-designed products and services for women.