Economic development

The Commonwealth helps member countries take advantage of opportunities for economic growth, improving their ability to manage long-term sustainable development. Written by experts from around the world, our books address important economic and financial topics affecting Commonwealth countries today.

Publication date: 16 June 2022
Format: Paperback

Small States Economic Review and Basic Statistics is a flagship publication of the Commonwealth Secretariat highlighting the development indicators of Commonwealth Small States and disseminating knowledge of their economic performance.

Series title: Commonwealth Trade Review Series
Number within series: 3
Publication date: 12 July 2021
Format: Paperback

Commonwealth Trade Review 2021, ‘Energising Commonwealth Trade in a Digital World: Paths to Recovery Post-COVID’, presents empirical findings of the impact of the pandemic and proposals to boost trade recovery and resilience, by harnessing digital technologies, post-Brexit trading opportunities, and promoting sustainable green and blue economies.

Series title: Commonwealth Economic Paper Series
Number within series: 98
Publication date: 1 July 2021
Format: Paperback

This Economic Paper builds on the 2014 SIDS Accelerated Modalities of Action Pathway, which provides guidance on economic, environmental and social priorities in small island developing states. It offers detailed analysis and guidance on alternative economic development strategies and recommends policies to build competitiveness in new industries.

Publication date: 7 May 2021
Format: Paperback

This first volume of the Commonwealth Economic Development Report reviews macroeconomic developments across the Commonwealth, highlighting key issues through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals. It further lays out the appropriate actions Commonwealth member countries can take to arrest development challenges.

Publication date: 15 March 2021
Format: Paperback

This book provides detailed guidance for government drafters and reviewers of investment contracts in the Commonwealth to achieve fairness and balance in investment relationships with respect to environmental, social and economic development matters.

Contributor: Jodie Keane
Publication date: 16 March 2020
Format: Paperback

Progress made in the Least Developed Counties (LDCs) in the Commonwealth will contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this end, this book identifies areas in which international support measures could be improved to reduce economic vulnerability in Bangladesh, Mozambique and Solomon Islands.

Publication date: 24 February 2020
Format: Paperback

This first volume in the Commonwealth Connectivity Series explores some of the issues facing policy-makers in the Commonwealth in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It provides policy recommendations that Commonwealth members can use to address the challenges and realise the benefits of the digital age.

Publication date: 7 October 2019
Format: Paperback

Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Small States: Commonwealth Perspectives offers timely and expert analysis of differentiated exposure of small states to natural disasters, including an examination of specific interventions for strengthening small states’ resilience to this phenomenon.

Contributor: Jodie Keane
Publication date: 10 December 2018
Format: Paperback

This publication provides tools to analyse the trade-related effects of tariff preference and how to integrate private sector consultations and survey methods to take in the perspectives of lead firms and buyers. Essential reading for policy-makers and development partners to support LDCs to adapt to the challenges arising from graduation.

Series title: Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics
Number within series: 20
Publication date: 23 April 2018
Format: Paperback

Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics is a flagship publication of the Commonwealth Secretariat highlighting the development indicators of small states and disseminating knowledge on their economic performance.