From Doha to Cancun

Delivering a Development Round

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From Doha to Cancun

Series Title: Commonwealth Economic Paper Series
Publication date: 1 January 2003
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ISBN: 978-0-85092-760-3
Pages: 340

In the eyes of the world, the Cancun Trade Ministerial Meeting will act as a litmus test of the major industrial countries' commitment to inclusive globalisation, to meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to a stable and peaceful world. Increased trade opportunities provide the best means of placing poor countries on a higher trajectory of growth and poverty reduction. The current system does not work for many developing countries and imposes burdens on the consumers of the developed world.

The launching of the Doha Round gave a boost to the multilateral trading system. The lessons from Seattle and the unifying perspective that emerged after 9/11 led to the recognition of the need for a new approach. It is now important that Cancun delivers on the promises built into the Doha Development Agenda. Key areas where decisions at Cancun are seen as essential are: agriculture, TRIPS/health, non-agricultural market access, special and differential treatment/implementation issues, review of the dispute settlement understanding; and the Singapore issues. It will not be possible to transform the lives of the poor and attain the Millennium Development Goals without delivery on the Doha Development Agenda.

This publication is a compilation of papers on the key issues for the Cancun Trade Ministerial meeting to be held in September 2003. It is intended primarily to assist policy-makers in Commonwealth developing countries, particularly small states and LDCs, in preparing their negotiating position for Cancun.

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Foreword by the Commonwealth Secretary-General

1. Introduction by Ivan Mbirimi

2. Market Access Proposals for Non-agricultural Products by Sam Laird, Santiago Fernandez de Cordoba and David Vanzetti

3. Special and Differential Treatment by Christopher Stevens

4. From Doha to Cancun: Agriculture by Alan Swinbank

5. Using GATS Flexibility by Ivan Mbirimi and Bridget Chilala

6. Reform of the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding: A Critical Juncture for Developing Countries by Dan Sarooshi

7. Transparency in Government Procurement by Peter Williams

8. Investment on the WTO Agenda: A Developing Country Perspective and the Way Foreword for the Cancun Ministerial Conference by Nagesh Kumar

9. A Multilateral Competition Agreement and the Developing Countries by Michael Davenport

10. The State of Trade and Environment Negotiations within the WTO by Beatrice Chaytor

11. Small Vulnerable Economy Issues and the WTO by Roman Grynberg and Jan Yves Remy

12. WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations: Implications for Fisheries Access Arrangements and Sustainable Management by Roman Grynberg

13. Trade, Debt and Finance: A Complex agenda for the WTO by Pradeep Mehta