Current Good Practices and New Developments in Public Sector Service Management

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Current Good Practices and New Developments in Public Sector Service Management

Publication date: 1 January 2002
Size: 297mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-0-85092-712-2
Pages: 372

This is an update to the 1996 portfolio and continues to provide a framework for building and sustaining effective public service organisations, based on current good practice and the wide experience of senior public sector managers throughout the Commonwealth. The second edition contains much of the original material, now up-dated together with several new sections.

The Portfolio update is designed to be used as a companion resource to the Public Service Country Profiles which, together, can be used as a basis for benchmarking to compare activities and best practices across different national settings.

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I. A Guide to the Portfolio
II. The Context for Change in the Commonwealth: Governance and Public Administration
III. Towards Good Governance: Responses Across the Commonwealth
IV. The Types and Characteristics of Economic and Administrative Reforms in Commonwealth Countries
V. Observations on Reforms in Developing Countries of the Commonwealth
VI. Lessons and Challenges

1.0 Making the Most of Staff
1.1 Setting the Overall Framework
1.2 Acquisition of Staff
1.3 Developing/Enhancing Staff Skills and Motivation
1.4 Managing Workforce Reduction and Exit
1.5 Capacity Building of Management Development Institutes
1.6 Top Executive Management Development Programmes

2.0 Making Government More Efficient
2.1 Matching the Structure to the Task
2.2 Examining Structural Options
2.3 Contracting Out of Services
2.4 Identifying Obstacles to Efficiency
2.5 Removing Obstacles to Efficiency
2.6 Eliminating Corruption
2.7 Creating a Framework for Change
2.8 Promoting Good Governance
2.9 Strengthening Cabinet Decision Making
2.10 Management of Transitional Government – Change, Choice, Continuity

3.0 Improving the Quality of Services
3.1 Open Government
3.2 Quality Systems
3.3 Measuring Success

4.0 Improving Partnerships with Organisations/Agencies outside Government
4.1 Setting the Framework
4.2 Reorienting the Public Service
4.3 Forming Alliances
4.4 Improving Partnerships

5.0 Making Management More Effective
5.1 Developing Managerial Capacity
5.2 Effective Information Systems
5.3 Advice and Consultancy
5.4 E-government – What is it?
5.5 Knowledge Management

6.0 Improving the Management of Finance
6.1 Setting the Framework
6.2 Improving the Management of Inputs
6.3 Improving Management Information
6.4 Focusing on Outputs
6.5 Improving Management Systems
6.6 Financial Management
6.7 Auditing and e-Governance

7.0 Improving Policy Making
7.1 Policy Development
7.2 Communicating Policy
7.3 Political and Administrative Roles and Responsibilities

i) Useful Commonwealth websites
ii) Overview of CAPAM’s Practice Knowledge Centre
iii) Overview of CAPAM’s Innovations Awards Programme