The Contract System of Employment for Senior Government Officials

Experiences from the Pacific

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The Contract System of Employment for Senior Government Officials

Series Title: Managing the Public Service: Strategies for Improvement Series
Number within series: 18
Publication date: 5 July 2011
Size: 240mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-053-1
Pages: 34

This publication reviews the effects of the reforms implemented under the ‘new public management’ programme on the roles and conditions of service of permanent secretaries in the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu. These countries introduced the contract system of employment, and their experiences highlight the importance of acknowledging context in considering the implications of the contract system, and the challenges of implementation.

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1. Contextual Background of the Study
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Rationale of a contract system of employment
1.3 Terms of reference and objectives of the study
1.4 Approach and methodology
1.5 Time scheduling for deliverables
1.6 Key assumptions

2. The Contract System of Employment in Selected Pacific Nations
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Objectives underpinning the introduction of a contract system of employment
2.3 Integration of contract employment to broad reforms and return on investments in implementing contract system of employment
2.4 Management approaches used by public officials operating under a contract system
2.5 Recruitment and selection process for contract employment
2.6 Performance measurement and reward under the contract system of employment
2.7 Scope of and potential of leadership demonstrated by CEOs under a contract system of employment
2.8 Impact of the contract system of employment on the independence and influence of the CEO
2.9 Arrangement for conflict mediation and resolution

3. Potential of a Contract System of Employment in the Pacific
3.1 Lessons learnt
3.2 Future challenges
3.3 Potential of a contract system of employment in the Pacific

4. Conclusion


A. Personnel consulted during field visits
B. Characteristics of Pacific public services visited
C. Features of the contract system
D. Linkage between contract employment and a performance management system
E. Management approach used in ministries/departments
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Faamausili Dr Matagialofi Lua’iufi (Author)

Faamausili Dr Matagialofi Lua’iufi is a former head of Samoa’s Public Service Commission.

S Omar Z Mowlana (Author)

S Omar Z Mowlana is Adviser (HR Management) in the Governance and Institutional Development Division at the Commonwealth Secretariat.