Constance Vigilance

Publication date: 16 June 2011
Format: Paperback

This book provides a thorough grounding in bringing sustainable development to the forefront of policy-making. It advises small states on how to devise practical national strategies, addresses the need for legislative change, and examines methods for monitoring progress. Contributors range from international academics to economists.

Publication date: 13 May 2011
Format: Paperback

This book brings policy-making for sustainable development into the mainstream of decision-making at all levels of governance and in all sectors. It builds on the 2005 internationally agreed ‘Mauritius Strategy’ which aims to implement the integration of sustainable development by small island developing states.

Publication date: 1 November 2010
Format: Paperback

This book provides a tool for assessing both how prone a country is to external economic shocks – its vulnerability – as well as its ability bounce back from those shocks – its resilience. For economic planners, as well as students of the economies of small states.

Series title: Economic Paper
Publication date: 1 June 2008
Format: Paperback

About one fifth of all politically independent countries are small island developing states. For these countries, sustainable development is not a matter of choice, it is imperative. This book seeks to initiate a debate on how to support a new wave of action for sustainable development.