Comparative Study on Mandates of National Human Rights Institutions in the Commonwealth

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Comparative Study on Mandates of National Human Rights Institutions in the Commonwealth

Publication date: 1 November 2007
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ISBN: 978-0-85092-867-9
Pages: 148

This is the first Commonwealth-wide comparative study of national human rights institutions (NHRIs), and is designed to help everyone interested in establishing and developing NHRIs to improve their effectiveness. The study looks at the international framework for the protection of human rights, and the historical and political background to the establishment of NHRIs and ombudsman offices. The individual mandates of various institutions are considered, looking at them region by region. Finally, the study compares the normative framework and mandates of the NHRIs are analysed, comparing what NHRIs are empowered to do and what they are doing in practice, though value judgements as to the merits and demerits of individual named institutions are avoided. Rather than provide a detailed theoretical analysis, the study concentrates on helping practitioners and policy-makers improve the working of NHRIs in practice, and will be a useful tool both to the institutions themselves and to all those who wish to support them.

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1. Preface            

2. Introduction     

3. The Protection and Promotion of Human Rights   
3.1 Protection of Human Rights – a World View
3.2 The Framework for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Commonwealth
3.3 The Paris Principles
3.4 Commonwealth Strategies Best Practice Guidelines for NHRIs
3.5 National Human Rights Institutions
3.6 International, Regional and Sub-Regional Groupings of NHRIs
3.7 Contemporary Challenges facing NHRIs  

4. Key Criteria for NHRIs
4.1 Independence
4.2 Mandates, Functions and Powers
4.3 Membership and Composition

5. Schedules of Commonwealth NHRIs      
5.1 Asia Pacific     
5.2 Africa 
5.3 Canada and Europe

6. Commentary on the NHRI and Ombudsman Schedules  
6.1 Asia Pacific   
6.2 Africa 
6.3 Canada and Europe  

7. Ombudsman Offices
7.1 Role and Function
7.2 Legal Framework of the Commonwealth Ombudsman
7.3 Schedules of Ombudsman Offices
7.4 Commentary on Individual Ombudsman Offices

8. Conclusions

9. Annexes
9.1 Normative Framework
9.2 UN Treaty Bodies: Recommendations and General Comments
9.3 Co-operation Machinery for NHRIs
9.4 Enabling Legislation
9.5 Enabling Legislation: Ombudsman Offices of the Americas

10 Bibliography