The Commonwealth at the Summit, Volume 4

Communiqués of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings 2007–2015

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The Commonwealth at the Summit, Volume 4

Series Title: The Commonwealth at the Summit
Number within series: 4
Publication date: 24 November 2016
Size: 240mm x 165mm
ISBN: 978-1-84929-157-6
Pages: 306

The Commonwealth at the Summit: Volume 4 brings together the full text of declarations, statements and communiqués issued by Commonwealth Heads of Government between 2007 and 2015.

Together these demonstrate the continuing evolution of a shared global vision of the Commonwealth and its consolidation as a values-based organisation, including the watershed decision to adopt the Commonwealth Charter at Perth in 2011.

This volume continues a series reaching as far back as 1944, and brings up to date an impressive and inspiring record of solidarity in international cooperation, building on the unique diversity of the Commonwealth.

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CHOGM Official Photographs
Abbreviations and Acronyms

2007 Kampala, Uganda
Kampala Declaration on Transforming Societies to Achieve Political, Economic and Human Development
The Kampala Communiqué
Munyonyo Statement on Respect and Understanding
Lake Victoria Commonwealth Climate Change Action Plan
Heads of Delegation

2008 London, United Kingdom
Marlborough House Statement on Reform of International Institutions
Heads of Delegation

2008 New York, United States of America
Heads of Delegation

2009 Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Affirmation of Commonwealth Values and Principles
Port of Spain Climate Change Consensus: The Commonwealth Climate
Change Declaration
The Declaration of Port of Spain: Partnering for a More Equitable and
Sustainable Future
A Declaration on Young People: Investing in Young People
Statement on Commonwealth Action to Combat Non-communicable Diseases
Port of Spain Communiqué
Heads of Delegation

2011 Perth, Australia
Perth Communiqué
Strengthening the Role of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group
Perth Declaration on Food Security Principles
Agreement by Heads of Government Regarding the Eminent Persons Group Proposals: A Commonwealth of the People – Time for Urgent Reform
Heads of Delegation

2013 Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo Communiqué
Colombo Declaration on Sustainable, Inclusive and Equitable Development
Kotte Statement on International Trade and Investment
Young People at the Centre of Sustainable and Inclusive Development: The Magampura Declaration of Commitment to Young People
Heads of Delegation

2015 Valetta, Malta
Commonwealth Heads of Government Leaders’ Statement
Commonwealth Leaders’ Statement on Climate Action
Final Communiqué
Annex 1: Commonwealth Ministerial Meeting Statements
Annex 2A: Submissions from Commonwealth Associated Organisations
Annex 2B: Submissions from Commonwealth Civil Society Organisations
Annex 2C: Profiles of the Commonwealth Accredited Organisations
Annex 3: Outcome Statements from CHOGM Parallel Forums
Commonwealth Women’s Forum Outcome
Commonwealth Youth Forum Declaration
Report of the Commonwealth Business Forum 2015
Report of the Commonwealth People’s Forum: Malta Declaration on Governance for Resilience 25 November 2015
Heads of Delegation

Annex 1: CHOGM Parallel Forums
Commonwealth Business Forum 1997–2015
Commonwealth Non-governmental Organisations and Civil Society Interaction 1991–2015
Commonwealth Human Rights Forum 2003–05
Commonwealth Women’s Forum 2015
Commonwealth Youth Forum 1997–2015
Annex 2: Retreats for Prime Ministers’ Meetings and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 1973–2015
Annex 3: Commonwealth Heads of Government Theme 1997–2015
Annex 4: Commonwealth Chair-in-Office 1999–2015
Annex 5: Commonwealth Day Themes 1980–2015
Annex 6: Member Countries of the Commonwealth 2007–15