Commonwealth Secretariat

Series title: Gender Equality in the Commonwealth
Number within series: 1
Publication date: 18 March 2019
Format: Paperback

This report documents progress made by the Commonwealth’s 53 member countries in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. It records performances on available indicators covering four themes: women in leadership, women’s economic empowerment, ending violence against women and girls and gender and climate change.

Publication date: 11 February 2019
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Quantifying the Barriers to Services Trade in the Commonwealth focuses on addressing policy barriers within services sectors in Kenya and Rwanda, including commercial banking, distribution and road transportation, which are key enablers of trade.

Series title: Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics
Number within series: 20
Publication date: 23 April 2018
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics is a flagship publication of the Commonwealth Secretariat highlighting the development indicators of small states and disseminating knowledge on their economic performance.

Publication date: 23 April 2018
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

A Handbook for Gender-Inclusive Elections in Commonwealth Africa: Achieving 50:50 by 2030 reviews the systems, legislation and best practice that will need to be implemented and effectively monitored to get more women into politics and help to realise Sustainable Development Goal 5 – achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Series title: Commonwealth Trade Review
Number within series: 2
Publication date: 16 April 2018
Format: Paperback

The theme of Commonwealth Trade Review 2018 is ‘Strengthening the Commonwealth Advantage: Trade, Technology, Governance’. It presents new empirical findings, rich insights and practical recommendations on how to boost the ‘Commonwealth advantage’ in trade and investment.

Publication date: 30 November 2017
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Changing the Law: A Practical Guide to Law Reform is designed to provide practical assistance to users seeking to deliver high standard law reform outcomes. Using examples and experience from around the Commonwealth and beyond, it guides users through each phase of a successful reform, from initiation to final implementation.

Publication date: 4 September 2017
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

Youth Work in the Commonwealth: A Growth Profession aims to help countries learn from good practices, and assess gaps in establishing youth work as a recognised profession in diverse contexts.

Publication date: 24 July 2017
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

A compendium of concepts to initiate dialogue, and mobilise consensus around visions and strategies for young people. Includes tools and techniques that support initiatives to mainstream youth rights, voices and capabilities across government and other institutions. It is aimed policy-makers and practitioners engaged in development planning.

Publication date: 9 January 2017
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

The Judicial Bench Book on Violence Against Women in Commonwealth East Africa situates VAW in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. By placing VAW within the socio-cultural and legal context of the region, the bench book will enhance the ability of judicial officers to handle cases of VAW, both within a human rights as well as a gender perspective.

Series title: The Commonwealth at the Summit
Number within series: 4
Publication date: 24 November 2016
Format: E-book (PDF), Paperback

The Commonwealth at the Summit: Volume 4 brings together the full text of declarations, statements and communiqués issued by Commonwealth Heads of Government between 2007 and 2015.